One More Thing: What food brings back your best Shore memories?

Breakfast at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House in Cape May was our family vacation tradition. Thinking about sitting on the benches outside the restaurant waiting for a table takes me right back.
Stephanie Dworkin, Robbinsville

Saltwater taffy from anywhere with neon lights on the outside just makes me feel good. I once had a job interview go so badly that I drove an hour to Ocean City in October because no matter what, you can’t be upset eating taffy on the boardwalk.
Shelby Evans, Maple Shade

Hoagies from White House in Atlantic City. On special occasions, my dad will drive from Cherry Hill and back just to pick up the Italian special or the cheesesteak hoagie for my mom. That’s love.
Lara Gocal, Marlton

Once a year, my entire family goes to Wildwood to ride the amusements. We’re all different ages – from 5 to 66 – so we make it to pretty much every rollercoaster and every kiddie ride. At the end of the night, though, we all have the same treat: Kohr Bros. ice cream. Perfect end to a perfect night.
AnnaLee Chen, Cherry Hill

Every time my family goes to the boardwalk, without fail we’ll realize that my dad is missing, only to catch a glimpse of him far behind us on the boards with a massive bucket of Johnson’s Popcorn in hand. But not to share – his philosophy is you shouldn’t have to share treats on your vacation.
Kaitie Rosen, Audubon

Donuts from Kohler’s Bakery in Avalon always just appeared on the kitchen counter on the first day of our trip down the shore. Pretty sure they were put there by my grandma. Now I sneak out in the mornings before my family is up so they’re already on the counter when the kids come running out (and so I get first pick at the best ones).
Dan Heckman, Medford

Family breakfasts at my parent’s house down the Shore are not complete without Mallon’s sticky buns – it brings a smile to my face to see that my daughters love them as much as I do.
Spencer Turzer, Westville

We don’t eat lobster any other time of year, so it’s a huge event when we go to the Sea Isle City pier for lobster dinner during our vacation. The bay breeze and the smells of the docked fishing boats surely add to the delicious taste.
Mary Schall, Burlington

I have the sweetest memories of wolfing down waffles and ice cream at Two Cents Plain in Margate with my friends. My daughter told me recently she had the very same food (and loved it) when she was there with friends. It was like déjà vu.
Juli Sloves, Voorhees

Every visit to the Shore ends with us buying a small box of fudge to take to my nana. We’ve been doing that since I was in grade school, and I imagine when I have kids and we go to the Shore, I’ll bring some back for my mom.
Lisa Champion, Westmont

After a long, fun night in Wildwood, we always headed to The Wildwood Diner. It was like the party just kept going after the bars closed at 2 am. My friends always got eggs and scrapple, but I went with grilled cheese every time.
Jim Thopton, Hainesport

My nephew’s birthday is in August, so every year we would have a crab feast at the Shore. Newspaper strewn across the table of our rented house, a bushel of crabs steaming in giant pots and plenty of corn on the cob, and my whole family just enjoying each other. It was always the best summer night.
Anthony Judge, Collingswood

August 2021
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