• The February issue is here! We love our cover because we're celebrating all the great moments Nick Sirianni has given us (with more to come!). We also look at the return of Camden High School's Mighty Marching band and what parents should look for when it comes to heart health & student athletes. Check it out.
  • When Nick Siriani became Eagles’ head coach in 2021, the criticism of his new way of training was fierce – even by Philly standards. But no one is mocking Sirianni now, because his way has been proven to work. Players say Sirianni’s ability to connect with them is a major reason they’ve had success on the field.
  • Camden High School’s Mighty Marching Panthers were not living up to their name when in-person school returned last year after months of Covid restrictions. The once robust band was down to 6 drummers and a tuba player. Its return to mighty status strikes a joyous chord.
  • Do you know a woman whose passions, dedication and actions are worthy of celebration? Nominate her for SJ Magazine’s Women of Excellence Awards. Nominations close at 5 pm on February 8, 2023.

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