One More Thing: What’s Something Weirdly Specific You Know Because of Your Job?

If you want a frothy drink, drop an egg white in your cocktail mixer and do a “dry shake,” which is shaking your drink without ice, then add ice and shake again. It will come out creamy and frothy, and I promise the egg white is not going to make you sick.
Kylie O’Conner, bartender

For uninterrupted Skype calls (if you’re going to be on national TV for example), you must be hard-wired into your internet via an ethernet cable.
Shana Myers, QVC product representative
Cherry Hill

Clean hair is the type of hair that gets lice. Everyone thinks it’s the dirty hair that gets the itchy pests.
Kelley Lieberman, hairstylist

Many people do not brush their teeth. While most people assume it is a regular practice, others do not and actually don’t know how to brush properly. Don’t get me started talking about flossing…
Stacey Macaluso, dental hygienist

How to express anal glands.
Deborah Dombrowski, veterinarian
Cherry Hill

When Narwhals get caught in a fishing net and let go, they have so much anxiety and swim so frantically that they can die of a heart attack or drown from not coming up for air. My students did a research project on narwhals, so I have many narwhal facts now.
Nikki Maikranz, 3rd grade teacher
Maple Shade

College kids have never met a wall they don’t want to punch. I do property management for university houses, and I’ve seen walls destroyed, entire fireplaces taken out brick by brick, doors that go mysteriously missing, couches set on fire in the backyard, you name it. And it’s not just boys either.
Thomas Knowles, property manager

You know those stories of celebrities who put crazy requests in their contracts? They only sneak those “red only M&M’s” type requests to make sure people are reading it closely and don’t miss important details like specific staging, lighting or safety needs. They never actually expect the red M&M’s.
Lauren Sabato, music festival operations manager

I know that the Men’s Underwear Index (MUI) is a much more reliable indicator of the direction the economy will flow in than the Hemline Index, which is trash.
Amy Vernon, brand strategist

The colors of Campbell Soup labels came from the colors of the Cornell University football team. The medal on the label is because the soup won a gold medal at the Paris Exposition in 1900.
Karen Mada, IT business engagement manager
Cherry Hill

Library potty training books with water damage are a biohazard. Get rid of them immediately.
Lisa Lowry, children’s librarian

I can name all the colors for event linen rentals: lemon, watermelon, raspberry, terracotta, plum, holiday red and ruby red. There is a difference!
Frank Filipek Jr., director of events & community outreach

You would be shocked at what people use for bookmarks and leave in their library books: feminine products, money, toilet paper, personal mail, and much more. Come on people – we all share these books.
Jenna Weinberg, reference librarian

April 2021
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