Wide Awake

I wrote this column about my cousin Michael, who in his early 20s lost both his parents and then struggled through addiction.

Full Circle

My parents never went anywhere. They spent their money on other extravagances. Like the mortgage and the food.

Life Notes

It’s this simple – and this elusive. We need to get back to talking to one another.



The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of SJ’s Holocaust survivors make sure future generations don’t forget.

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Trent Cole

Big Game

NFL star Trent Cole is known as “The Hunter” on and off the field – but it’s not just quarterbacks he’s after.

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chip kelly

Chip Kelly

It’s been a roller coaster off-season for the Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly wants fans to trust his vision. But how much trust can an Eagles’ fan give?

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Jon Stewart

In his first feature film, TV host Jon Stewart tells the courageous story of a reporter imprisoned and tortured for 118 days by the Iranian government.

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Top Docs 2015

SJ physicians take the time to nurture and tend those in their care, until their patients bloom with good health.

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rio station

Chef’s Table

Need an idea for dinner? Try the recipe for Cape May Brewery Fish ’N Chips from Rio Station Restaurant in Rio Grande.

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