The ultimate checklist for your South Jersey Garden Center visit

We’re so excited to browse the beautiful aisles of our local garden center this season – but it’s definitely easy to get lost somewhere between the tomatoes and the sunflowers. So we’ve got the ultimate checklist for you to use (and make your own) for your next shopping trip. 

Your gear

Before you head to the garden center, you’ll definitely want to do a little inventory check. See which tools are in good shape – make sure that hose doesn’t have any leaks – and which ones you’re missing. Maybe this year you’ve decided to add some more tomatoes and need an extra cage or 2. 

Here are a few basics you’ll want to make sure you have before getting started: 


Watering can 

Gardening gloves (if you’re not a fan of dirt)

Shears (to cut your weeds

Garden fork (to break up your soil) 

The right seeds/seedlings

One of our favorite parts of gardening season is getting to browse the seeds and seedlings at our local garden center. Depending on when you start planting, you’ll choose either seeds or seedlings (or a little of both) to kickstart your garden. But remember, South Jersey is in a new gardening zone which means we can grow for longer this year. So check your seed packets for instructions on the best time to plant them, or ask an employee at the center to help you make the best choice. And always start with the crops that you’ll eat! 

When you’re planting

Our seeds need plenty of nutrients to give us healthy plants during the gardening season, and luckily there are lots of materials we can use to give them their best chance. Try the list below to set your seeds (or seedlings) up for success: 

Mulch (to help save water

Soil test kit (to test your soil’s pH levels) 

A compost bin (to start your own compost pile

Lumber (to build a DIY raised bed

Top soil (to fill your raised bed if it’s new) 

Peat moss (to mix in with your soil if your raised bed is new) 

Spruce things up

Make your garden your own this season with some DIY projects – trust us, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Want to add some lights to bring in the good vibes this summer? Grab some pvc pipe, quick-crete, string lights and a few 1-inch x 10 ft. metal poles, then follow this tutorial. And if you think your backyard could use a water feature, pick up a large pot, a water pump (make sure you have a hose and a drill) and check out our DIY fountain tutorial

April 2024
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