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SJ Magazine isn’t the only thing that’s changed over the past 20 years. Just look around. South Jersey has grown and evolved and thrived in these past two decades. Lucky for us, our writers and photographers have been there every step of the way.


Camden Coverage

Through the years, SJ Magazine has made a conscious effort to support and show the positive aspects of Camden, which many people don’t usually see. Count on us to continue to spotlight this city on the rise.


Napa of the East (who knew?)

Oct. 2012
When we first published this cover story, SJ’s wine industry was taking off, but not that many people knew great wine was so close to home. Twenty-one wineries were operating along SJ’s coastal plains, where grape growing conditions share similari­ties to better known regions in other parts of the world. Since then, South Jersey vineyards continue to grow their reputations for producing wines known internationally for their excellence.


How South Jersey Are You?

Feb. 2019
If you’ve been reading SJ Mag throughout the years then you aced our “How South Jersey Are You?” quiz in the Feb. 2019 issue. This story was nearly 20 years in the making, featuring all the great things that have happened in SJ, from the discovery of the first dinosaur (Hadrosaurus in Haddonfield) to the invention of the drive-in movie (Camden in 1933). All hail South Jersey!

>>Covering SJ Celebs

January 2020
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