A Brand-New View at The Mansion in Voorhees

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For more than 3 decades, The Mansion on Main Street has been a South Jersey staple for events of every size, for every occasion. But even those who’ve already been to the region’s premier event venue in Voorhees will be awed by the brand-new space, which has been renovated from top to bottom, inside and out.

Last spring, as the first round of pandemic-related closures cancelled events and cleared calendars, The Mansion was working on a scheduled renovation of their third-floor event space.

“Just as we were completing our renovations, Covid set in,” says Jon Rubin, partner at The Mansion. The busy slate of events scheduled to be held in the building was put on hold, but the venue’s leadership saw it as an opportunity.

“We made the decision to continue renovating the whole building,” Rubin adds. “We got ahead of the game and did it all way ahead of schedule.”

Now, everyone planning their wedding and other celebrations at The Mansion are reaping the benefits of that large-scale renovation. On the third floor, Rubin says, there’s been “a complete transformation. The entire floor was renovated. We expanded the ballroom, added new bathrooms and a bridal suite, modernized the lighting and installed a marble dance floor.”

On the second floor, which is split into 2 event spaces, one room was expanded and got a new in-ground dance floor. The other room, Rubin says, “has all glass overlooking the grounds. It’s so special for an evening affair, to look out and see everything lit up. It’s very romantic.” The second floor’s exclusive patio and stained-glass windows, he says, add to the space’s classic, elegant feel.

On the first floor, the transformation continues. “We revamped the entire foyer, blew out the ceilings and extended the staircase top to bottom,” Rubin says. “That was a tremendous undertaking. We expanded the footprint and installed all new lighting and accordion-style glass doors. The first-floor extends out to a patio area with fire pits, and high-top tables,” Rubin says. “It’s perfect for wedding receptions, cocktails, private parties – you name it.”

In fact, whatever the occasion, the size of the guest list or the vibe of the event, The Mansion has the perfect space available. Brides with a vision for their wedding are guaranteed to find exactly what they’re looking for. “Whatever the theme of the wedding, we have the right room,” he says. “The third-floor ballroom is all about luxury and elegance, with the dance floor and giant chandeliers. The second and first floors have the windows, the greenery, outdoor access. They’re all really special.”

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And no matter which space you choose, you’ll feel like you have the entire venue all to yourself. “Each floor has its own bathrooms, its own bridal suites. It’s all self-contained,” Rubin says. “We are a multi-event facility, but once you’re on your floor, you have the unique sense that, ‘this is all mine.’”

It’s not just The Mansion’s interior that received a facelift over the last year. The transformation is noticeable long before you walk in the door: it feels new from the moment you pull into the parking lot.

“The elevators are new, the lobby is new, the ballrooms are new,” Rubin says. “But on top of that, we also redid the roof and repainted the entire building. The exterior is all different, too.”

And that extends beyond the building to the expansive and carefully designed grounds surrounding it. “We enhanced the entire outdoor space. The whole thing,” Rubin says. “Previously there was no outdoor ceremony area. Now there is, and it’s magnificent.”

Now couples can have an outdoor ceremony under the stars or clear blue sky with The Mansion’s classic, lush gardens as a backdrop. This was the first space the venue opened as Covid restrictions began to lift. It was in-demand right away, and its popularity hasn’t waned at all.

“Once we were able to have small outdoor events, we were allowing outdoor micro-ceremonies in that space,” Rubin says. “A lot of the weddings we’re booking right now – they fall in love with the outdoor ceremony location, too. We still see a big demand for outdoor space.”

The entire grounds were remodeled and landscaped, with new walkways, pavers and pillars. The gorgeous waterfall on the property was completely re-built, and the gardens were filled with greenery. “I think we planted over 1,000 flowers,” says Rubin.

The updates and changes couldn’t have come at a better time. As all the weddings and other celebrations that were postponed are beginning to appear on calendars again, The Mansion is thrilled to welcome so many revelers to its transformed spaces.

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“It’s a much happier time now, that’s for sure – for both the building and the guests,” he says. “I think people are coming in excited. They’re happy. They’re elated they can have not only their event, but their friends and family here with them to enjoy it. They can be in a safe environment and have fun. I think people are appreciating the fun factor even more than before.”

With its all-new look, The Mansion remains the same community staple it’s been for a generation. And that means party-goers get the best of both worlds: a sparkling new space and experienced, professional service.

“Our job, besides the obvious – great venue, great food – is providing peace of mind. Your event is going to be flawless, and your guests are going to think it’s the best wedding they’ve ever been to,” Rubin says. “The overall experience we’re going to provide is second to none. Between the elegance of the grounds, the beauty of the interior and, most importantly, the service, we can encompass everything and wrap it into a nice package. We’ll have you walking out of here going, ‘Wow – that was the most incredible day I’ve ever had.’”


(856) 751-1717 | 3000 Main Street Voorhees, NJ | mansiononmainstreet.com

September 2021
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