An unusual request was filed for the Mount Laurel Police Department on Saturday morning. Officers were dispatched to investigate the report of suspicious donkeys behind a home on Mount Laurel Road.

When officers arrived, they found four donkeys who had escaped from their enclosure. The animals began to run away as the officers approached, but after a slow chase, they were returned home safely.

The department posted a video of the incident on their Facebook page, along with a comical post detailing the event.



Police Department’s Post:
At 9:00 am on Saturday, December 10th officers were dispatched to investigate the report of a group of suspicious donkeys loitering behind a residence on the 200 block of Mount Laurel Road. When officers arrived, sure enough, they located four unruly donkeys that had escaped from their enclosure. Upon seeing the officers, the donkeys fled towards Memorial Field and a pursuit ensued. After a long (slow) chase the gang of burros were ultimately corralled and temporarily detained. While in custody, the donkeys refused to provide their names and addresses, but a thorough investigation revealed where they reside. The donkeys were eventually returned to their home unharmed. Just another day in the life of a Mount Laurel Police Officer.

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