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Our favorite stories from 2018

Eagles Profiles 
By Dave Spadaro  

Thanks to Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro, our profile coverage of some Eagles champions was unprecedented. Because of his relationship with the team, Spadaro took us inside the locker room and on the field for truly up-close looks. 

Doug Pederson: The coach they said wouldn’t win

Nick Foles: Finding joy on the field 

Corey Clement: Life is good when you win the Super Bowl 

Howie Roseman: The rise, the fall, the rise again 

The Impact of Malcolm Jenkins 


Our roundtables have become well known for inspiring intimate and interesting conversation, so last year we decided to raise the bar by introducing three roundtables on topics that are important to everyone. And the formula worked – so stayed tuned for what we’ve planned for 2019. 

Women’s Roundtable 

Men’s Roundtable 

Roundtable: The Opioid Epidemic 

Roundtable: Special Needs 

Roundtable: Breast Cancer 

Cozy and Crazy 
By Sally Freidman

When SJ Mag writer Sally Friedman called to tell us she found a house she just had to write about, we didn’t quite get it. Until, that is, we saw the photos. Then we knew we would absolutely feature this house. The only question was: How on earth would we be able to photograph everything there was to see? 

Book Excerpts

Printing a book excerpt isn’t the easiest thing in the world – first we need to get the author’s permission and then the publisher’s permission and then one of those two has to select the actual excerpt. In the case of Doug Pederson’s “Fearless,” Sports Illustrated asked for an excerpt right after we did, so we had to make our selection and send it back to the publisher so the sports magazine wouldn’t print the same one. 

Avoiding Abscam 
By James J. Florio

Winning Words 
By Doug Pederson 

Play by Play 
By Sal Paolantonio 

Profile: Laura Tolver 
By Kate Morgan

This was a story we knew had to be told – Cooper nurse Laura Tolver had been raped while she served in the military, and her rapists were never charged. We weren’t sure how she would feel about telling her story in  

SJ Magazine, but were honored when she agreed to be featured. 

Unlikely Guardians
By Madison Russ

We couldn’t believe it ourselves: a group of bikers were volunteering to provide protection to children who had been abused. Their selflessness impressed us and even made things a little difficult for us, because they didn’t want their picture taken – they didn’t want the recognition. That’s why you can’t identify the bikers in the opening photo. 

Q & A: A Family of Champions 
By Dave Spadaro

We had featured Eagles Coach Doug Pederson in SJ Magazine more than once, and we always wondered if we could get an interview with another Pederson: Doug’s wife Jeannie. As it turns out, this spouse of the famous Super Bowl champion is warm and wonderful. It was a pleasure to introduce her to SJ readers (and Eagles fans). 

Snapshots on the Road to Victory
By Sal Paolantonio

After sending us daily web reports from the Super Bowl in the week leading up to the championship game, ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio wrapped up the season with his personal account of the winning team and the Eagles’ incredible performance. To top it off, SalPal gave us photos he took along the way, including one shot of SalPal and Doug Pederson taken by an ESPN producer immediately after the big win.   

Favorites from Marianne, Maury and Sally 


Wide Awake: Colin – The M.I.P.

In this column, I told the story of a mother I had been following on Facebook who was chronicling her teen son’s battle with cancer. I had been moved by her posts, and I wanted to share what I had felt with our readers.  

The first comment on Facebook was from a reader who  said he had to close his office door because my column made him cry. Ok, I thought, he got it. And then more responses poured in, all with the same message: This made me remember how special life is.  

Exactly what I was going for. 



My favorite column of the year was also the most popular.  It was about me winning a contest on the radio, and it brought in many reader emails. It also made my wife laugh harder than ever, and she’s always my best barometer. She told me it was the talk of her warm-water workout group at the gym.  

But the wildest response came by phone. On a Sunday morning. At 6:55 am. Really. The call was from one of the top DJs at WMMR. He said he and the other jocks there loved the column, and got a lot of laughs from it. He said they even mentioned it on the air. I missed hearing that mention because I was, how can I put this…sleeping. 


LIFE NOTES: 58 Years

In this column about a 58th anniversary, I tried to put into words what it has meant to be a wife for all these decades. My husband and I are not big on lavish celebrations, but I felt the need to salute our relationship. It kind of wrote itself. I also admit that while I wrote it for my husband, I invited you readers to look over my shoulder. That’s a special kind of sharing and why I always celebrate the privilege of meeting you on these pages. 

January 2019
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