Ghosts and goblins and DJs, oh my! Throwing a Halloween bash can feel like a lot of pressure, so we asked Laurel Lanes event coordinator Alyssa Knudsen for some tips to pulling off the perfect party.  


Choose the right food 

The first thing to decide when it comes to choosing what you’ll feed guests is what time your party is happening. “If it’s going to be prime dinner time, you can expect people to show up ready to eat,” Knudsen says. “Offer some apps and entrees and opt for heavier stuff. But if the party is at night, say 8 to 11 pm, you can go with things that are easy for people to pick at – especially if they’ll be in costume –  like pigs in a blanket, pretzel bites and wings.” 

Give them something to do 

Nothing brings guests together like a festive Halloween activity, whether it’s painting pumpkins, bobbing for apples or a costume contest. 

“The parties fly by because everyone is so involved and mingling,” Knudsen says. 

Communication is key

If you think you’re talking to your caterers or DJ or face painter too much, you probably aren’t. (Unless you’re calling them every couple days, in which case, chill out, it will all be ok.) But Knudsen says that making sure your vendors and you are on the same page ahead of party day is super important. “Clarify all the details with them so they don’t show up confused or missing something.”

Sounds good? 

You might think your party’s location is the most important thing to consider, but it’s not. It’s the music. Whether you’re using a DJ or a homemade playlist, the music choice can make or break a party, says Knudsen.

“Music will really take a party from a dud to a stud,” she says. “And it’s important to make sure it adds to your theme, because it will make people feel connected to it. So for Halloween, make sure to add some of those spooky favorites.” 

Call in reinforcements

If you don’t feel quite like a party expert, don’t fret. Calling in a party planner to help with all aspects of your event, or even just part of it, is a sure-fire way to pull off a perfect party, says Knudsen. “We’re a fly on the wall for all these events we plan, so we have so much knowledge to share with you.” 

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