Our favorite quotes from the February issue

Every month, we put together a magazine full of inspiring, heart-felt and fun stories from the people of South Jersey. Here are a few of our favorite quotes from this month’s issue.

Nick Sirianni 

“I don’t know of any other place in this country that says ‘having a catch.’ Isn’t it always ‘playing catch?’ Everyone I know says ‘playing catch.’ That’s one of the things about being in this area…” 

Camden High Marching Band 

“And then – this was the beautiful part – the students helped us teach. We’d be like, ‘Alright, we’ve been teaching you for about 3 days now, so you’re the section leader and we need you to help teach. I’m not exaggerating.” – Jamal Dickerson, director, Camden High School marching band  

Wide Awake: Becoming a Fan 

“If I was telling you this story and Joe was with us, this is the part where he would jump in to say the Flyers were down 3 goals that night when we left early because I was pretty miserable. And on our way out of the stadium, the Flyers scored. As we crossed the bridge, we heard them score again on the radio.” – Marianne Aleardi

Jersey Devil 

“The write-ups in the Philadelphia newspapers were kind of patronizing and the illustrations were almost comical. Some showed the Jersey Devil wearing a top hat, carrying a cane and smoking a pipe with a long serpentine tail. Another showed the Jersey Devil holding an umbrella while reading a story about himself in the Philadelphia Press.” 

Ed Bisch

“[Purdue Pharma] claimed sales were down. I was just learning and had no reason not to believe them.” – Ed Bisch 

Making Time: Giving Direction 

“[Brandon’s] only 6 years old this month and he’s already negotiating with his little brother like this? Mind you, this isn’t the first time. Just a few weeks earlier, Brandon was offering to let Adam pick which TV show to watch if Adam would let Brandon play with a new toy he wanted to try.” – Jason Springer

Following Queen 

“But at the same time, these aren’t really breasts. I look at the scars I have on my chest – I don’t show those in the video – but those scars are serious.”        – Queen Stewart

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