Girl Power Profile: Alyssa Miles

When Marlton’s Alyssa Miles was a little girl, she would stand in front of the TV, singing along to recordings of Shirley Temple and Annie. Her mother would say to Miles’ grandmother, “I already know this is going to be her passion.”

And she was right.

Alyssa Miles interviewed Alec Baldwin at the premiere of “Boss Baby.”

Today, at age 13, Miles has already modeled for Disney, starred in a Hershey Park commercial and is racking up millions of video views as the face of Dream Mining’s YouTube channel. Dream Mining is a website for young girls to explore their creativity through games, fashion and music.

Through her work with the company, Miles has interviewed celebrities like Alec Baldwin and Lisa Kudrow on the red carpet premiere of “Boss Baby,” and Nick Canon on the orange carpet for Nickelodeon’s Halo Awards. These are two of Miles’ favorite jobs she’s booked.

“That was amazing,” she says. “Thinking of myself, like, ‘Oh my gosh, I just got a million views,’ but then seeing them – they get 500 million views, which is just crazy.”

Getting millions of views on YouTube is something Miles is still not used to, she says.

“As I’m doing it, it doesn’t phase me about how many people are going to see it, because I love acting and improving,” Miles says. “That’s what I love to do, so that’s what I really focus on. But when the video comes out a week later, I’m like, ‘How could a million people be seeing this?’”

Each week, Miles films two videos for the Dream Mining channel: one vlog-style video and one review video. The vlogs may feature Miles getting ice cream with friends or putting together a Moana-inspired outfit. These vlogs have introduced the channel to her community theater friends, like Juliet Morgan at Moorestown Theater Company, who also started filming review videos with Miles.

Alyssa Miles interviewed Lisa Kudrow at the premiere of “Boss Baby.”

During review videos, Miles discusses characters from popular TV shows and movies like “Minions” and “Frozen.” Filming these videos, along with auditioning for additional acting jobs, has Miles’ schedule booked solid. Miles credits her mother for helping her handle the crazy schedule.

“She’s been with me since day one,” Miles says. “Honestly, I don’t know how she keeps track of all of it. My manager calls me, saying, ‘Hey, you have an audition tomorrow at 9 o’clock in the morning.’ And she just figures it all out, and she doesn’t freak out. I really look up to her for that. That helps me stay on track and not freak out about things.”

Between performance lessons, auditions and callbacks, Miles makes a point to give back to her community. Since she was named Miss New Jersey in September, Miles attends a charity event at least once a month.

“It’s really fun because my whole life I’ve liked putting different reactions on people’s faces and making them feel a different way,” she says. “With Miss New Jersey, everybody just thinks, ‘Oh, she’s a model,’ but when you actually see someone coming out for charity events and helping out other people, it kind of gets rid of that stereotype of just being pretty.”

Miles’ career has taken her across the country, onto people’s computer screens and into the crazy world of show business. But she says one of her favorite accomplishments happened right here in South Jersey: this summer she became a counselor in training at Voorhees Theatre Company’s summer camp. Participating in local community theater is one of Miles’ favorite ways to perform.

“I got to play Annie in my community theater,” she says. “I’ve been watching ‘Annie’ and dancing along to it in my living room since I was 1 year old. Getting to play that part was – it might sound cliché – a dream come true.”

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  1. Marie Clower says:

    I am Alyssa’s paternal grandmother. I live in Florida , so I have no access to your magazine. Is there a way I can purchase a copy of this edition with Alyssa’s article in it? Thank you

    • SJ Magazine says:

      Hi Marie, Our Girl Power Profiles are a web-only series, so the article won’t appear in the print issue. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

  2. Karen M. Ortega says:

    She is so cute!

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