I have this almost daily battle about social media. I hate it, yet I use it – a lot. I think it’s stupid, yet I often quote or share posts. Sometimes I save posts because they’re so meaningful. But I really do hate it.            

So here are some things that I have learned while scrolling on social media (mostly on Instagram). Let’s see if this will give me a clue on what the attraction is. 

Stretching your body changes everything. I’ve actually posted about this on my account. But I follow A LOT of health professionals & fitness experts (or at least that’s what they call themselves) who detail the benefits of stretching and, even better, demonstrate what you should do every day. I’ve tried it out, and the difference it makes is amazing. I even keep a yoga mat right next to my bed, so as soon as I get up I can at least spend about 10 mins stretching. It helps.

Tom Sandoval is not a decent person. You may have no idea who that is, and that’s ok.

My iPhone camera has many, many features that will make my photos look better. I haven’t figured out how to remember all of them though, so I’m not using anywhere near the full capacity of my phone.

There is a fashionable way to tie your coat’s belt. It looks great when this one stylist I follow does it. The “don’t” example she shows is actually how I tie my coat’s belt. So there’s that.

Taylor Swift wrote “Forever and Always” about Joe Jonas.

An example of manipulation is when someone hurts you and then they are upset because you don’t want to be friends with  them anymore. That’s a very interesting concept.

Some people are living through deep emotional pain. Sometimes the algorithm shows me women who have recently lost their husbands, and there is always this common thread of positivity because they want their children to have wonderful lives, and they want their husbands to be remembered.

South Jersey has a lot of fun places to visit. I know that, but I don’t mind being reminded.

You can make delicious, healthy snacks pretty easily. Like: mix berries with Greek yogurt, clump them onto a cookie sheet and freeze them. Melt chocolate chips and coconut oil, dip in the clumps and then refrigerate them. You’ve got protein and fiber there (not to mention, chocolate).

There are women who believe they should be submissive to their husbands. And they will teach you how you can do the same. One woman filmed herself waking up before her husband to put on her makeup and then sneaking back into bed without him knowing. If you laughed at the thought of the algorithm showing that to me, I will take that as a compliment.

Bradley Cooper owns a home in New Hope, and it’s stunning. 

If you cover your eye with a spoon and place eye shadow slightly above it, your eyes will look bigger. I have no idea if this is true because I’m not crazy.

The Amalfi Coast is beautiful.

There have been 2 recent posts that have really stuck with me. One had a graphic with the words: why worry? It called worrying “useless fear about hypothetical events.” I’ve thought about that a lot because it’s so true and yet, as a mom, as a human really, worry seems to be a part of life. I’m trying to change that because why would I accept useless fear as a part of life.

In the other post, a woman told the story of a conversation with her long-time hair stylist who was encouraging her to stop trying to grow her hair long when it just wouldn’t grow. For me, the message had nothing to do with hair. It was her realizing that the beliefs she had held all her life didn’t matter anymore. What matters is what is true today. This wonderful feeling of relief swept over her once she accepted that, and everything changed. So her powerful message was: Live today. 

I saved that one. 


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March 2024
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