When inviting kids to your wedding, it’s important to remember that they might get a little bored by a night of dancing and grown-up conversation. Try these ideas to make sure everyone has a great night – even your littlest guests.


Make a Kids Table

Designate a table just for your little guests. Make it shorter and stock it with crayons, a paper tablecloth and bubbles. This is a place where kids can do kid things while the grown-ups are off having fun.


Photo “I Spy”

All you need for this activity is a disposable camera and some paper. Make a list of scenes and objects young guests can search for, and have them snap a shot. When they’ve found everything on the list, collect the cameras for a lot of adorable memories. Tip: make one of the items a picture of them!


Hire a Babysitter

Give the parents a break from having to keep an eye on the little ones by bringing in some help. There are services that specialize in babysitting at weddings, or you can call friends’ regular sitters in the neighborhood.


Photo Booth

Tell the kids to make a funny face or strike a sweet pose for the cutest wedding favors ever. Setting up a photo booth with lots of props will give the kids something fun to do if they’re tired of dancing.


Provide an Activity Bucket

If you don’t have enough small guests to fill an entire kids table, pass out activity buckets. Fill these bins with fun games and toys that will keep the kids happy all night long. It’s a kids table on-the-go.


Serve Kid Food

Filet mignon with asparagus isn’t every kid’s favorite meal. Neither are mini-quiches. When you’re planning the menu and cocktail hour, keep the number of kids in mind. You can create a kid open-bar with chips, pretzels and mac and cheese for cocktail hour. Then, serve a kid-friendly entrée come dinner time.

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