Lifetime Legacy: Recognizes a woman who has demonstrated superior leadership and success over several years. Nominee should have a track record of long-term achievements, community involvement and professional growth. The Lifetime Legacy recipient will be a woman who is known for her positive influence and competent abilities.


Woman to Watch (under 30): Recognizes a woman under age 30 who has had significant accomplishments and/or achieved notable success in her chosen profession. The Woman to Watch recipient will be a young woman who is considered an up-and-coming star in her profession. (Nominee must be under age 30 on February 17, 2021.)


Inspiration Award: Recognizes a woman who inspires others through her work, ideas and example. The recipient of the Inspiration Award will demonstrate an unwavering passion and commitment for a particular cause or idea. She is a role model who is making a difference in the lives of others.


Leadership Award: Recognizes a woman who is a bold, well-known leader who others choose to emulate. The recipient of the Leadership Award will have a proven record of growth, success and influence in her profession or community.


Game Changer Award: Recognizes a woman who has made significant contributions in her field or community that has lead to inspiring change and/or innovation. The Game Changer recipient will be someone who is comfortable breaking the mold. She will have been the impetus for a new idea or thought process that positively influenced her profession or community.


Business Excellence Award: Recognizes a woman who has demonstrated achievement, growth and success in a particular industry. The recipient of the Business Excellence Award understands the importance of innovative ideas, education, competent decision-making, mentoring and community service. She is known to many as a woman who has made a difference in the business community and her profession.


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