One More Thing: If you could meet any Eagles player (past or present), what would you ask them?

I would pick Darwin Walker who played Defensive Tackle for the Eagles from 2000-2006. I’d first ask him what made him select NJ as home. I’d also ask for insight as a former defensive tackle player, how has that position paralleled with your life today and what aspects of football do you share with your children? In life, as in football, is it better to hold the point of attack by refusing to be moved, or is it better to push forward to break up an opponent’s strategy? These after all are some of the most powerful life lessons.
Heather Cooper
Evesham Township Councilwoman 

Jason Kelce – I’d love to hear about his mental preparation and how he manages to be so consistent in his play. But more than that, he’s well-rounded and versatile, and I’d love to hear about what his plans are for life after football. I can’t even imagine all the things that he will get into.
Joanne Connor

I’d ask DeSean Jackson what he thought of Chip Kelly.
David Park 
Stone Harbor 

Player – Brian Dawkins. Question – Besides being a HOF player for the Birds, how does it feel to be one of the most popular athletes ever to have played in the NFL?
Mike Cioce

Terrell Owens. You assisted in taking the Eagles to the Superbowl in the 2004 season. It seemed you and the team had a great thing going and then it just fell apart due to drama.  Any regrets? If you could go back, would you have handled things differently?
Nicole Malec

I would select Jason Kelce. The question: “In all honesty, who is Mom Donna’s favorite, you or your brother, Travis?”
Nancy Starrett

Randall Cunningham. I would ask him, “If we won the Fog Bowl playoff game in Chicago, would we have won the Super Bowl that year?”
N.J. Senator Troy Singleton

Brandon Graham – Do you also hate the cowboys as much as the fans?
Tom Logan

I would ask Donovan McNabb if he really threw up in the Super Bowl.
Rose Sheldon
Maple Shade

Doug Pederson. Would you still be the Eagles’ head coach if Carson Wentz never injured his knee in the Rams game?
Ryan Mill

I would ask Brian Westbrook what the NFL should change to solve the RB pay situation.
Anthony Thompson
Cherry Hill

Would have to ask Dallas Goedert and Avonte Maddox who had the winning record for nerf gun battles in their former shared house?
Marie Stiles

I would ask every staff member and player what happened in this year’s Super Bowl!
Klein Aleardi

September 2023
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