#SalPalSBLII: Super Bowl Sunday with Doug Pederson

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Last night, I had an exclusive one-on-one conversation with Eagles head coach Doug Pederson. I asked him what his final coaching points will be to his team before they take the field today against the New England Patriots.

Here was his answer:

“I’m gonna remind them basically how we got here. I think it’s important to understand the journey on how we got here — just kind of reflect on that just a little bit. Secondly, I want these guys to have fun; I want them to enjoy the moment. And then thirdly, go seize the moment. This is our opportunity; it’s a great chance — you’re in the final game of the football year, and what a way to make a statement by finishing this game and finishing the season.”

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After the interview, Sal gave Pederson his favorite flavor of ice cream – vanilla Haagen Dazs! 




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