It is Doug Pederson’s 50th birthday.

Ironically, Justin Timberlake, the Super Bowl 52 halftime act, is also celebrating a birthday today. He turns 37. Pederson retired from the NFL at the age of 37.

I asked Doug how he’s going to celebrate his birthday. He said, “go to practice. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate.”

“I gotta get these guys back on task. Today is about renew, refresh and refine the game plan.” He told me that 85 percent of the game plan was installed back in Philly last week. Today, Pederson, who lives in Moorestown, will add a little more especially first and second down situational football.

“It’s a great day, not just because of my birthday. My wife Jeannie is here, my family will be here later in the week. To be able to celebrate this with them and with the team, and to be in this game is an honor. You know, if somehow we can pull out a victory, that would be the icing on the cake, as they say.”

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