Millennials Looking for Mentors: Episode 1
A new interview podcast is coming your way

So, Elyse & Klein are two millennials looking for mentors. And hey, you might be saying to yourself, what does that even mean? Well, here’s the short story.

As editors at SJ Magazine, Elyse and Klein talk to a lot of people. Specifically, a lot of women. Specifically, a lot of women who are killing it in their careers. And not just a single industry either. They’ve talked to fashion influencers, healthcare CEOs, policymakers, HGTV personalities, educators, athletes, doctors — the list goes on and on. And the advice they’ve gotten from these women has been so valuable to the two of them.

After a while, they found themselves wondering…why not share these lessons with everyone?

So, they started a podcast. Every episode, they’ll talk to a different woman with a different job in a different industry about how she got to where she is and what she learned along the way.

And to kick it off, Elyse and Klein talk to Kae Lani Palmisano, food writer and host of WHYY’s “Delishtory” and “Check Please! Philly” about winning an Emmy, leaving her job to pursue her delicious dream and more. Check it out wherever you get your podcasts.

Tune in every other Wednesday for a new episode full of personal stories and insights from South Jersey women.

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