You know Bob Kelly. Or, at least you’ve probably heard the popular Philadelphia traffic reporter’s signature catchphrases like “Jammo,” “Two Jelly Donut Delay,” and the “Conshy Curve.” Kelly was one of the first reporters to do traffic reports in front of a green screen with graphics (yes, really!) and he’s made plenty of waves in the community with popular segments like “Town Takeover” and “Tailgate Takeover.” So, you’ll definitely want to keep up with him on Instagram:


He’s got a great sense of humor

Good Morning Sunshine!

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His traffic updates are the best 

He knows how to have fun around the office

Celebrating National Pina Colada Day !!

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He hangs out with your favorite Eagles players

He’s got some awesome socks he doesn’t mind showing off

Are you ready for some Foosball. Crazy Sock Monday! Definitely BRIGHT enough!!

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Went shopping for S'more socks!

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He truly cares about kids

Jelly donuts are kind of his thing

And, it’s clear he loves what he does

See more of Kelly on Instagram.

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