Wide Awake: The Team 
Quite a few people help SJ Mag run
By Marianne Aleardi

Often at our events, guests will pull me aside to say how great the night is, and they usually also mention how much they love reading the magazine or following us on social. Every time, I wish I could call over SJ Mag staffers so they could listen. I hear the compliments, but a lot of people do the work.

Since taking our offices remote in 2020, we’ve found new ways to communicate: Zoom, Slack, the meeting rooms at the Cherry Hill Library, and sometimes a restaurant that definitely has a bar. It’s very different from when we could walk into the hallway and quickly pop our head into each other’s offices. And now we email notes or ideas instead of meeting in the conference room to brainstorm. But what hasn’t changed is the commitment we all have to our mission: Empower women. Promote South Jersey. Support nonprofits. I think when someone gives me a compliment, what I hear is how well we just carried out our mission. It’s the best compliment there is.

I’d like you to meet the people at SJ Mag who work really hard all year long to carry out our mission.

Todd Moreland has been with the magazine for 11 years as our VP of Sales Operations. What has always impressed me about Todd is the nonprofit he started 15 years ago, Circle of 12, which supports special needs children living in the sugar cane fields in the Dominican Republic. There aren’t many people who visit a country, see people who need help, and then start a nonprofit to actually provide that help. It’s amazing.

Jayne Jacova Feld is our executive editor. You’ve probably read many of her stories on the pages of SJ Mag, including her brutally honest accounts of how she has been coping with the tragic death of her 17-year-old son. I work closely with Jayne, so I’ve seen how strong she is and how determined she is to help her family heal. Jayne works nonstop to ensure her family recovers from a tragedy so they can all live full lives, as her son Ravi would want. She’s an incredible woman.

Ellen Errichetti is our creative director, so when you look at the pages of this issue and see the design – that’s Ellen. Or if you’ve been to one of our events and had your photo taken in front of a step-and-repeat, Ellen probably got you there. Her husband John works alongside her and also designs our pages. They’ve worked together for over 30 years, creating a business – and a family – that is most important to them. It’s very easy to see their devotion to their family. They demonstrate that more than any couple I know.

You’ve also gotten to know Elyse Notarianni and Klein Aleardi on our pages. Elyse and Klein have expanded our digital offerings – the second season of their podcast “Millennials Looking for Mentors” starts this month. The two have a lot in common – like their intense interest in telling powerful stories that make a difference. It’s been especially nice to watch their friendship develop. When they started working here, they didn’t know each other at all but they have since become close friends, which is probably why the podcast works so well.

Patty Roman is our events coordinator, although when she started with the magazine 10 years ago, she was our part-time bookkeeper. But when the popularity of our events started to grow, we needed someone who was exceptionally good at details to run them. Asking Patty was a no-brainer. At each event, there are a million moving pieces that someone needs to manage, and Patty does that well. It’s why our events usually sell-out.

Lou Michener is listed on the masthead as an account executive, but he’s really someone we can count on to help wherever and whenever we need him. If you attend our events, you may have met him at the registration desk. He’s the one who, if you had a question or needed assistance, would have responded with a kind smile and the help you needed.

For every compliment someone has shared with me, this is the team of people who deserve to hear it. We work together so you enjoy every connection you make with us – whether in print, on our website or social media, or at one of our events. It’s important to all of us that you know how much we value our work – in addition to valuing each other.

October 2022
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