For some time now, I’ve been making my November column a list of everything that makes life pretty good. Sometimes I forget, so it’s always nice to have a page-long reminder.

I’m thankful for soft fabric. I’ve decided I should only have clothes in my closet made with really soft material. No idea how I will do that, but I know it would be wonderful.

I’m thankful I went gluten-free. My fingers had been hurting – a lot – and I started having trouble getting my wedding band off, so I had to stop wearing it, which was upsetting. I stopped gluten, and my finger pain went from about a 7 to a zero. Zero!

On the same topic, I’m thankful for Canyon gluten-free white bread. It tastes like real bread. Not super-delicious real bread, but close enough.

I’m thankful white low-rise sneakers are considered fashionable. I haven’t gone so far as to wear them with a dress, but I like that young women are making fashion comfortable.

I’m thankful for umbrellas that aren’t broken.

I’m thankful for Don Julio 1942.

I’m thankful for the HBO series “Succesion.”

I’m thankful I like Joe.

I’m thankful for the water cooler in our office.

I’m thankful for all the people who said yes when I invited them to join one of our roundtables. No one has ever said no, and that is a great compliment. I’m also thankful that when we sit at the table, guests feel safe enough to completely open up and share deeply personal stories, some which I don’t print out of respect for their privacy. It’s been truly magical to sit at a roundtable.

I’m thankful for powder rose gel nail color. I get compliments every time I wear it.

Still thankful for my heated blanket. Joe is still not thankful for that.

I’m thankful you can go on a hike in South Jersey and feel like you’re far away.

I’m thankful for white peaches.

I’m thankful for the “Live at Politics and Prose” podcast.

I’m thankful for Parmesan cheese.

I will be forever thankful for Doug Pederson, who said yes and came to our “Leadership” talk in May to share his thoughts on leading a team. If you had asked me when I first got the idea if I thought it would actually happen, I would have told you it was a longshot. But it happened. So I guess I’m also thankful I went ahead and made the ask. (And also thanks to his wife Jeannie, who was instrumental in that ask.)

I’m thankful for any dessert with apples in it.

I’m thankful for large trash cans with wheels.

I’m thankful for frequent flier miles.

I’m thankful for small bottles of Prosecco. You can go to a BYOB without having to bring home a bottle of wine that is 3/4 full (which could end up sitting in the refrigerator for months).

I’m thankful for paper shredders, not the ones you keep in your office, the big ones. I’m thankful you can take boxes and boxes of old, confidential documents and have them destroyed in minutes.

And as much as it annoys me when things go wrong with my phone or laptop, I’m thankful for the people who staff the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. They are smart, and you can see them for free. It’s never easy to get an appointment, but when you have one, you’ll usually leave with your problem solved.

I’m thankful for sunny days. I know we’re about to enter a season of cold and gray days, and I’m not looking forward to that at all. Not much beats the warmth of sunshine.

I’m thankful for Carli Lloyd, who when I told the audience she could only take one more question at our women’s empowerment panel and there were four little girls with their hands raised, she said, “That’s ok. I’ll answer all four.”

I have met so many South Jersey women who, like Carli, are willing to do what they must to make the world better for young women. I’m thankful for them, and I try to give them a voice whenever I can. What they’re doing will help my three daughters, who I’ve been thankful for since the day they were born (maybe a little before).

November 2019
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