“All I care about is our team. And I’m not really concerned with what anybody else thinks except for our team and helping make those guys the best football players they can possibly be.”
Sports Illustrated, 2023

“You like to think you invented an idea or something like that. In actuality, you take little bits and pieces from each coach you’ve been around.”
The Athletic, 2023

“One of my favorite things to do is study great teams and great players and see what makes them tick and what’s the common denominator there…”
NBC Sports Philadelphia, 2021

“Jalen & I have a great relationship. And obviously his play has spoken for itself. One of my favorite things is…when guys get rewarded for what they’ve done and I’m able to be there with them, be happy for them and still be able to coach them.”
On Jalen Hurts’ contract extension, May 2023

“We’ll overcome this too…We’ll use this to motivate us. We’ll use this pain, we’ll use this failure, to motivate us so we can make it a strength.”
Postgame press conference, Super Bowl LVII

“We’re always looking at the same things: football IQ, character, people that love football and are tough and competitive, and obviously talented.”
NFL Owners Meeting, April 2023

June 2023
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