Not Jurassic Park: Rowan University Paleontologist May Bring Back Extinct Species

World-renowned Rowan University paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara has unearthed some of the largest dinosaurs to walk the earth as part of his day job. And now he is teaming up with other A-team scientists working with DNA technology to return extinct species to life. Lacovara recently joined the scientific advisory board of Colossal Biosciences, a Texas-based biotech company that aims to “de-extinct” certain mammals whose demise were caused by the actions of human activity and industry. A stated goal: restoring the woolly mammoth to the Arctic by genetically modifying Asian elephants.

Lacovara, who dug up the 65-ton Dreadnoughtus, which appeared in this summer’s film “Jurassic World: Dominion,” says his work with Colossal Biosciences should not be confused with fiction.

“This is not like Jurassic Park,” he says. “We’re not talking about bringing back a T. Rex. It’s a moonshoot to restore creatures that were recently pushed into extinction by us, creatures that belong in this world, creatures that have a role in modern ecosystems and can help renew them.”


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