My grandfather died young, so my grandmother constantly taught me to be independent, which she needed to do even though it  was very difficult. She told me not to be reliant upon others for what you need. Be a strong, independent person who relies on herself for most of what she needs in life.  

It’s difficult when you get married, but it is a good foundation to work from. 

Jean Barnes via Facebook 

My mother was a waitress and she wasnt always treated nicely. She taught  me to treat everyone with respect, no matter their position in life.  

Kendra Banks, Wildwood 

One of my teachers told my class at our all-girls high school that when we were dating, we should always be ourselves, and if a boy didnt like that, move on and find the one boy who did. You just needed one. It didnt matter what the others thought. 

Sally Simms, Haddonfield 

Both of my parents struggled quite a bit early on, so they frequently reminded us that debt is a really difficult thing to handle, and it can change you. They taught us to make that extra effort to pay down your debt, and life will be different. You just wont have that heavy burden, that worry. The top priority should be paying off your debt. 

Donna Earnhardt, Westmont 

Honesty is not always the best policy, especially when friends are concerned. They are not always ready emotionally to hear our response or solution to the problem they present us. 

Rose Marie Beachemin, Voorhees 

My CEO would frequently say to me, If you dont know or you’re not sure, fake it. Just keep going forward.” It sounds funny but I do that every day. 

Krista Blank, Mount Holly 

Regarding opinions of others…dont consider reputations, only actions.   

Louise Frances Blackwell, Camden  

Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you and always let your freak flag’ fly! 

Marla Meyers, Voorhees 

When I was in college,  one of my teachers said,  Every assignment doesnt have to be perfect. Sometimes you just have to turn it in.” Sometimes when its 2 am and Im worrying about something, I remember that it doesnt have to be perfect. I let that go, and thats when inspiration comes in.   

Jenny Banks via Facebook  

My brother, who is a career ninja, taught me three things: Go into discussions with an outcome in mind; ignore what you think people think about you (theyre too busy thinking about themselves) and get to your goal with you, without you or in spite of you. 

Radha Desiken, Cherry Hill 

If two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary. Ive found that to be true in business relationships, friendships, marriage, even book clubs.  

Fradele Hornick, Cherry Hill 

Worrying is like paying on a debt you may never owe. (Technically the advice came from a beautiful piece of art I bought at a craft festival back in my 20s.)  

Lisa Barra, Marlton 

My mom told me to always ask. If a person says no, shes not turning you down, just the opportunity. Its not personal.  

Marla Feldman Vecchio, Marlton 

All you have in life is your word. If you have a friend and you give them your word and you blow it, guess what, you dont have that friend anymore. That happens enough and youre going to have a reputation that you cant be trusted.  

Karen Sullivan, Blackwood 

May 2019
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