One More Thing: If You Could Be a Female TV Character for a Day, Who Would You Be?

Leslie Knope, because I would love to know what it’s like to be inside her mind. She’s always on the go, and to work in the “Parks and Recreation” department with that gang before the series dissolved would be a dream.
Lina Chappelle, Franklinville


Peggy Olson from “Mad Men.” She was a strong, successful woman in the ultimate boys club – advertising on Madison Avenue in the 1960s. #girlsinfultratingtheboysclub
Ashley Beideman, via Facebook


Elizabeth McCord from “Madam Secretary,” because she is level-headed, ethics-focused and always able to handle the next crisis unfolding. Plus, she has a sense of humor and really good kids.
Catherine Levins, Moorestown


I would be Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City.” She has been my idol for years – she has the most amazing wardrobe, and I love her artsy, funky style. Plus, she is funny, witty and romantic. She’s a risk-taker and not afraid of conflict or a challenge.
Abbie Kasoff, Collingswood


I would love to spend the day as Mary Richards from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” The show and character were groundbreaking. As a young girl, I used to imitate Mary’s classic opening move where she tosses her hat in the air in the middle of the street. Mary’s talent, enthusiasm and vulnerability are so relatable, and it would be a blast to spend time in that newsroom and cute apartment with such funny and supportive friends and co-workers.
Jackie Pantaliano, Voorhees


Without a doubt, I’d want to be Lorelai Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls.” She’s so witty, has a great relationship with her daughter and lives in adorable Stars Hollow. Plus, there’s the opportunity to kiss Luke!
Sarah Miller, via Facebook


I would choose to be Olivia Pope from “Scandal.” I see myself in her (minus the affair with the president). She’s brilliant, stylish and loves a good glass of wine (with popcorn), and she gets things done. “It’s handled!”
Nichole Justice, Sicklerville


When I was in elementary school, I wrote a paper about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said I wanted to be a “Price Is Right” girl. I still think that would be fun, although now I’d rather be the host of the show.
Renee Cooper, Cherry Hill


Phoebe Buffay from “Friends.” I love her sense of humor and free spirit.
Jackie Walker, via Facebook


Any of the women on “Shark Tank,” because they get to be part of someone’s life that is transforming an idea to success.
Mary Barbarino-Lefer, via Facebook


Olivia Pope from “Scandal.” She’s a smart and successful woman who is always in control and always gets done what needs to be done – and come on…she has the best coats!
Joanne Connor, Haddonfield


Pam from “The Office,” because her job is easy but hilarious. There’s something funny happening all day.
Amanda Steinberg, Mount Holly


Olivia Benson on “Law & Order.” She had a troubled childhood, but she rose above it to become a strong advocate for victims of crimes, especially women and children. Plus, she gets to kick ass all over New York City.
Gina Russo, Medford


May 2017
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