“It All Works Out in the End” This is the lesson I have learned over and over again in my life. No matter how much you worry, think, overthink…it all works out the way it was meant to. Not necessarily the way you may have envisioned it, but the way it was meant to.
Nicole Fox, Lumberton

“Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Bare Feet While Carrying an Angry Chihuahua: A Woman Lawyer’s Story”
Lynda Hinkle, Cherry Hill

I just published my 2nd full-length poetry collection called “The Luster of Everything I’m Already Forgetting” – that’s the title that popped into my mind for a memoir as well, since that’s what memory is, holding on to the glisten/luster/emotion of what was, but keeping it alive in a poem or a story you write or pass down to another person.
Nicole Rollender, Williamstown

“Always A Talker: Growing Up and Giving Back from Willingboro to Washington, DC to South Jersey Again”
Shana Myers, Cherry Hill

“The Hard Road Leads to Beautiful Places”
Patrick Cates, Moorestown

The title of my memoir would be “Philly Girl at Heart,” because I am, even after 40+ years in South Jersey.
Terry Seeley, Collingswood

“A Little Piece of ME” – I feel I leave a little piece of me in whatever path I follow.
Bhavika Patel, Philadelphia

No matter what has happened in my life, the good outweighs the bad, so I have to go with “Happy Days.”
Rhonja Marshall, Deptford

“Well That Was Fun” because if you really think about it, life isn’t so bad. And a lot of times, it’s pretty fun.
Shira Szan, Mt. Laurel

“Playing with Dirt” – This encapsulates my journey and passions. The “dirt” refers to clay and charcoal from the arts I had studied during my undergraduate degree. It also refers to hydroxyapatite which, while being a mineral in the earth, is also the main component in teeth.
Logan Lassin, DMD, Cherry Hill

“Ups and Downs” – it just says it all.
Mario Dratante, Haddon Heights

“Study, Teach, Repeat” – I have spent most of my life in school, either going for one of my 3 advanced degrees or teaching high school and then college students. Even though my 10-year-old self would be shocked to hear me say this, the place where learning takes place every day is a wonderful place to spend your life. It has made me happy.
Jonathan Rodgozte, Mullica Hill

My youngest child left for college last year, and I have become so aware of what a wonderful life I had when I was raising my 2 children at home. One of the things that is getting me comfortable in this empty house is really thinking about the years my home was full. Sometimes I feel like I can play those days like a movie in my mind. So wouldn’t it be nice to write Part 1 of my memoir about those early days and call it “My Nest.”
Lisa Martiune, Ocean City

“Stop Laughing” – The title would be my message for readers, because if I were to write down everything that’s happened to me (the stories I could tell!), you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. I honestly don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.
Marjorie T., Princeton

March 2024
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