One More Thing: If you could, who would you trade places with for one day?

I would trade places with my dog Remy. The simple joys, unconditional love and carefree existence is what attracts me the most. I’d also like to experience the world through my dog’s thoughts. The entertainment and adventure would be a nice break.
Melissa Brown

Pitbull, because of his energy and talent as a live performer, his entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts and his motto, “Turn a Negative into a Positive.” (I also fancy myself a dancer – lol).
Liz Thomas
Mt. Laurel

I would like to trade places with my husband so I could experience how his brain operates! It’s definitely not a female brain.
Denise Chepurny

It would have to be a Wildwoods Sightseer Tramcar driver. How much fun would it be to drive the tramcar and get to meet all the vacationers visiting the Wildwoods. And the most exciting thing I would like to do is play that famous message, “Watch the tramcar please!”
Ben Rose

I would trade places with my 8th-grade daughter. I really don’t think any of us can imagine what it’s like growing up as a kid today, and I’d love to experience the world through her lens.
Kasey Massa

As a kid, I loved playing baseball and pitched 3 no-hitters in a single season. An injury ended my dream of being a pro player. So I would love to have traded places with Nolan Ryan when he pitched his record-setting 7th no-hitter.
Dr. Tom Kadar 

Taylor Swift. I don’t know which I would want to do more: trade places when she’s performing a concert (’cause that must be amazing), or a day when she is writing songs. Her poetic mind is so brilliant, I’d actually be ok to just sit in the room and watch her write.
Lesley Morrone
Mullica Hill

I’d like to trade places with Anderson Cooper. It must be so exciting to report news at this time in the world. It’s probably frustrating too, but I could do it for a day.
Dylan Maxerksy

Me, but in 10 years. I’d like to find out what I should do differently (or maybe what I should keep doing) so I’m in a good place, maybe doing what I love or even better, in love with someone I think is wonderful.
Sasha Cohen

I want to trade places with Nick Sirianni, and if I can do longer than a day, that’d be great. I definitely have thoughts and ideas on what the Eagles should be doing this year. And wouldn’t it be great to get to work with so much talent, and go out every Sunday and show the fans how great a team you’ve built.
Bill Rodrigo
Ocean City

My great-grandmother who immigrated here from Sicily in the 1900s. I can’t imagine what life must have been like back then, to be so young and in a new country, not able to speak the language. I never met her, but I’d like to thank her for coming here, and show her how far her family has come.
Nina Merciari

I love how Simon Sinek’s mind works, so it would be great to be him for a day. Imagine how much positivity you could spread in just 24 hours.
Rosha Cantrarsz

July 2024
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