Back when Bally’s was a huge fitness chain, I wore bike shorts with a thong bodysuit on top….so embarrassing to even think about.
Jennifer Szego, Gloucester City

In middle school, circa 2007, we used to layer our Hollister tops to make our chests appear larger. In my case, it was 4 to 5 tank tops on at once.
Nethania Andre, Berlin

The perm everyone got in the late ’80s was a disaster for me from day 1. Not even a straightening iron could undo the damage.
Toby Miller, Cherry Hill

I still don’t know how my mom let me out of the house in lingerie dresses in the early 2000s. I mean, if my daughter tried to get away with it today, she would lose that battle.
Syd Horn, Delran

I had a fe-mullet in the mid-80s. I was going for the Patty Smyth look from Scandal. I rocked it on “Dancin’ On Air” though!
Alicia Schwartz, Cherry Hill

My go-to outfit for school in the ’90s was long underwear with tie-dye boxers over them – ugh.
Laverne Hudson, Glassboro

The rat tail. No sense denying it because my mom kept it.
Ben Blevins, Collingswood

Aqua net hair – leg warmers over jeans – pinstripe Z Cavaricci jeans – parachute pants. I wore so many unfortunate outfits in the late ’80s. How can I choose?
Diana Sever, Moorestown

My favorite pairing in the late ’80s was blue plaid Bongo jeans with a blue fedora. I can’t figure out how I fit the fedora over my huge ’80s hair.
Marci Rosenstein, Voorhees

I went through a moccasin-wearing phase. My most regrettable pair were high boot ones with zero soles on the bottom so my feet took a beating as I continued to step on glass and rocks. What a terrible idea.
Jodi Levine, Cherry Hill

Having Boy George as my fashion icon made for some unfortunate fashion choices.
Cathie Bonetti, Washington Twp.

I had permed and sun-in hair – at the same time. My hair was like hay on top of my head.
Jenny Chandler, Columbus

I had a purple and pink striped lycra leotard set that I proudly wore to the gym. Oh now that was a sight.
Beth Knapp, Atco

Circa 1986, I had what I thought was the greatest eye shadow collection: all different shades of blue, green, purple and more. I even bought yellow to wear with a yellow sweater that I had, but I looked like I had jaundice whenever I wore that shade. What were we thinking?
Marcie Miller, Audubon

I (thought I) rocked in the mid 2000s when I wore ultra low-rise jeans with a matching denim jacket. I obsessed over where to place the oversized belt that had no real function but to look cool.
Chrissy Tilda, Swedesboro

My pink Juicy Couture tracksuit worn exclusively with flip flops was ridiculous – but I think that look may be back in style.
Cassandra Chase, Haddon Heights

A red puffy North Face winter coat. I now know someone with broad shoulders should not wear such a loud, large overcoat. I was not willing to accept that back in the day.
Sage Kelly, Westville

July 2022
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