One More Thing: What were you doing 20 years ago?

I was a junior at Rowan University. I was teaching about 20 classes a week and was just starting to get into choreography. So my fitness and dance career was just taking off. I was fully engulfed in college life and really reaping the supportive benefits that Rowan offered its students. I was in the middle of my weight loss journey so it’s so exciting to think back at that.
Shaun T,
Insanity home-fitness founder


In January 2000, I was a single, 28-year-old second-year law student at Penn
living back home with my parents. I had no idea that within the next year or so, I would meet my husband, buy my first place and have the epiphany that would set me on the path to becoming a published author.
Pam Jenoff
Law professor, Rutgers
University School of Law, Best-selling Author


The year 2000 was full of ups and downs. I was 19 years old at Saint Joseph’s University studying political science. It was the year I watched my father battle (and beat) cancer and was even faced with a minor cancer scare myself. I spent my free time deciding if I wanted to run for mayor of my hometown after college (luckily for the residents of Vineland, I decided against it). 20 years later, with an incredibly supportive family, amazing group of lifelong friends and a fantastic career right here in South Jersey, the only word that comes to mind is blessed – and, (fingers crossed!) the best is yet to come. See you in another 20, SJ Mag!
Christina Renna
President and CEO, CCSNJ


I was halfway through my first year as a legislative aide in the district I would come to represent. I was also a young father struggling with credit-card debt and trying to provide for my son. That time was hard, but it helped shape my desire to serve in elected office one day and to focus on the challenges that affect working families every day.
NJ Senator Troy Singleton


I was living in Piscataway, New Jersey in a good place. I was all about sports and having a good time, like all kids should have with their lives. I was listening to music from Sisqo, “Unleash The Dragon,” a song that was hot at that time. I was at Theodore Schor Middle School playing running back and defensive end, hanging with friends, playing video games, listening to music and making sure I got my grades.
Malcolm Jenkins
Philadelphia Eagles Safety


Twenty years ago, among other things, I was teaching graduate students. Interacting with young people preparing for careers in public policy gave me a sense of optimism for the future of our nation.
Former NJ Governor James Florio


I had been with the Eagles the season before as a starting quarterback before Donovan McNabb took over, and in 2000 I went to Cleveland to start for the Browns. I was just trying to win football games as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Honestly, once it ended in Philadelphia, I didn’t think about ever coming back. It was onto the next chapter in my football career as a player. It was a hectic time professionally and in my personal life with my young family.
Doug Pederson,
Philadelphia Eagles head coach


I remember the whole Y2K craze. With me being in Venezuela playing winter ball, I felt like I was off the grid and whatever issues this world was going to face, I would just deal with them when I got back. So instead of worrying, I did what Prince said for us to do: “party like it’s 1999!”
Jimmy Rollins
Former SS/Special Advisor, Philadelphia Phillies


Twenty years ago I had resolved that I would never be a parent. I had waited too long to marry while trying to have a successful career. And then you meet the right person who shows how you can have both: a family and a career. In 2002 I became a dad…and the blessings continue.
Rick Williams
6abc anchor


Twenty years ago, I was the mother of a 10-year-old son and a teenage daughter who kept me busy with soccer games and school activities. Our family was establishing our roots in Cherry Hill. Professionally, I was in my 18th year at the University of Pennsylvania as director of purchasing for dining services, and I am still at Penn to this day. Back then, I was just as committed to civic engagement and actively volunteering in my community, specifically with City Hope – a charity which does cancer research and helps those going through treatment.
NJ Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt

January 2020
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