A lot happens over two decades. Towns grow. People change. Businesses flourish.

In South Jersey, we are proud to say we’ve witnessed – and recorded – the many happenings in our towns and neighborhoods. We’ve been there to give applause when it was due, to shine a light on remarkable people and showcase all the accomplishments of the businesses and nonprofits who serve our families.

SJ Magazine has evolved too. What started as a small magazine has transformed into a multi-media company that is 100% focused on where you live. Our tagline – the heart and soul of South Jersey – was adopted when a reader told us that’s what we meant to him. How’s that for a compliment.

We hope you enjoy the following pages that outline our history. Take a look and see how far we’ve come, and how much fun we’ve had along the way.

So as we celebrate 20 years, our message to you – if you have ever attended one of our events, purchased an advertisement or sponsorship, shared one of our social media posts or simply picked up the magazine and turned the page – we are forever grateful. Your support has fueled us for two decades. It has amazed us, inspired us and humbled us.

Take a look back with us at 20 years of SJ!

January 2020
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