Whether you’re a brand new home owner or you’ve been nesting for decades, we all have to prepare for those cool months. Check out some tips for winterizing your home. 

Outdoor furniture

Sometimes, all-weather furniture doesn’t mean a blizzard. When the temps start to cool, take some time to figure out the best way to protect your outdoor furniture from the upcoming inclement weather. Furniture covers might be  enough, but you may want to consider moving things into the garage for the winter. 

Get ready for snow 

Imagine…you wake up and the ground is covered outside, including the path to get to your car. The last thing you want is to grab a shovel that’s weak or a snowblower that’s out of juice. Double check your winter maintenance gear to get ahead of any replacements you may need.  

Clean the gutters

We know, it’s a gross job. But making sure your gutters are in good shape is one of the most important things you can do to protect your home. Clogged gutters can lead to leaks, roof damage and even act as a welcome mat for unwanted critters. 

Turn off that outdoor water

Ice is not our friend come winter. And while we can’t always control accidentally stumbling upon a patch in the mall parking lot, we can keep it from wrecking our home. Turn off your outdoor water source to keep pipes and hoses from cracking and having expensive damage.  

Check the fireplace

Small critters are great for Disney princesses, but for us regular people, they’re not a great match – especially when they make a home in the chimney. Not only do you not want to have creatures living in your fireplace, but leftover nests can create a flammable environment. So take a look (or call someone else to).  

Bolster your windows 

Keep out those bitter drafts and keep those power bills down by reinforcing your windows. Step 1: check the panes for cracks. Step 2: replace any of those cracked panes. Step 3: line the edges of your windows with caulk to reinforce the barrier and add an extra layer of warmth for the winter.  

Trim trees

You might think gardening goes out the window for the winter, but you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on those trees in your yard. Check the trees for any signs of dead or diseased branches, which you’ll want to have removed before the chill. An untended diseased tree could fall on your home or your car when bad weather hits. 

Guard against pests

All those mice and bugs also aren’t fans of the cold. So when winter comes along, they’re going to try to find a warm space to hang out. Make sure that’s not your house by checking for any holes in the wall (and filling them) and cleaning areas like the kitchen to avoid any leftovers that might entice the critters. 

Check the roof 

This tip requires a bit of outside help, but can save you quite the headache in the long-run. Schedule a roof inspection leading up to winter to prevent any water leaks.

Reverse your ceiling fan 

Fun fact: you can still use your ceiling fans in the winter (and not just when your heater is acting up). Circulate some of that hot air through your home by reversing the direction the fan goes in. Counterclockwise means cool air, and clockwise means warm(er) air. 

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