The perfect Sunday reset routine

Do you ever get to the end of your Sunday and think “wait, what happened to the weekend?” Well, you’re not alone – and people have been taking to social media to share their frustrations. And they’re also helping each other take back the weekend with something called a Sunday Reset. 

Basically, you set your Sunday aside – or at least part of it – and dedicate it to “reseting” your life. That could mean your work life, your mindfulness, your wellness, even your living space. But by having this designated time, you’re setting yourself up for a more productive week and get to avoid entering Monday with a long list of chores to finish in between work hours. 

Here are some things we’ve added to our own Sunday Reset routines: 

Put away all clean clothes 

Put all dirty clothes in the hamper (and do your laundry) 

Wash your sheets and towels 

Take out the trash

Take out the recycling

De-clutter your work space

Empty your personal inbox (you can also tackle your work inbox if you’re feeling energized) 

Go grocery shopping and meal prep 

Clean out pantry and fridge 

Move your body in some way 


Take an everything shower (wash hair, body, exfoliate, shave) 

Set intentions for the week 

Plan your outfit for Monday (maybe even for the whole week!) 

Charge your devices

Go to bed early 

February 2024
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