Feeling tired of the typical witches and scream masks you see every Halloween? Try out these costumes you can put together at home that show South Jersey a little (or a lot of) love. 


What better way to honor the Garden State this Halloween than by dressing up as a literal ear of corn. Sure, it could get a little complex if you go the route of making cardboard kernels to stick all over yourself, but you can also take the simple road and wear green pants and a yellow shirt. Either way, you’ll definitely be Jersey Fresh. 

Taylor Swift at the Jersey Shore 

We all wish we could be Taylor Swift for a day, right? Well, here’s your chance. Make sure you have those Swiftie staples, whether it’s the red scarf, the Cruel Summer bodysuit or Meredith and Olivia (the cats) and then throw on a Stone Harbor sweatshirt. And you have Taylor down the Shore. 

South Jersey Barbie 

This Barbie grows tomatoes and pumps her gas. If you’re feeling super creative, spend some time thinking of your favorite things and put them all into one costume for South Jersey Barbie. We’ll be grabbing a cheesesteak from Donkey’s Place, wearing plenty of violet (the state flower) and wearing an Eagles hat. 

The Jersey Devil 

Regular devil costumes are so overdone, but when was the last time you saw a Jersey Devil costume? Either take the assignment literally and get some wings, makeshift hooves and horns for the scary look or be a little punnier: dress as a typical devil (horns, pitchfork, you know the drill) and carry around some super Jersey items. It’s the best excuse to carry around a Wawa hoagie for the night. 

Carli Lloyd 

For this costume, you’ve got two options. You can be Carli Lloyd, the soccer superstar – pretty simple, grab your favorite Lloyd jersey – OR, you can be Carli Lloyd, soccer superstar and champion of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. 

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