Sunburn happens. Try as they may, beach-goers often find themselves with red skin after a long day under the hot sun. As trips to the Jersey Shore arrive, here are some helpful tips for when the dreaded sunburn hits you.


Be Gentle

It’s easy to jump right into exfoliating sunburned skin so that peeling doesn’t become an issue, but this will only make it worse. Peeling skin is your body’s way of healing, so scrubbing too harshly will hinder its ability to heal properly, and your days of peeling will only last longer.


Chill Out

At the first sign of sunburn, it’s important to cool it down quickly. Whether that’s taking a cold shower or using an icepack, it will save your skin in the long run – and you’ll feel a lot better!


Stay Hydrated

Sunburn can actually cause dehydration. The body’s fluids are being rushed to the skin’s surface, so it’s crucial to keep drinking water and recharge your body.


Stay Covered

The last thing you want to do is expose sunburned skin to more sun. This might be the most difficult way to heal sunburn, but it’s the most important. Wearing a light, long-sleeved shirt will keep your skin protected from extra sun damage.



Sunburn is super dehydrating for your skin, not to mention the irritation and inflammation that comes with it. The best way to soothe your skin after sunburn is by using an oil-free moisturizer. Bonus points if it contains aloe vera.

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