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We spend hours – and hours, and hours – here at SJ Mag combing through social media posts from around South Jersey to share with you. But what are we posting during our free time? Check out how SJ Mag’s editorial team uses social media.

I mostly stalk Elyse on Twitter. Just kidding! I’m most active on Facebook because I’ve lived there the longest and keep up with “friends” from all stages of life since preschool. Lately I’ve moved to Instagram, posting about our family explorations of local history. It is amazing how much American history took place within miles of our home. And there’s so many sites that make for fun Insta-shots.
– Jayne Feld, Executive Editor

I have a love-hate relationship with social media, which started when I joined Facebook in 2009 and continued when I was the last of my friends to reluctantly join Instagram in 2013. Aside from the required 50-photo album uploads from our digital cameras, my early Facebook days were filled with cringey chain notes and status updates that absolutely no one cared about. (I wish I could say don’t go look for them, but they’re definitely all still there.) Today, I mostly only use Instagram – more specifically, Instagram stories – to share the weird stuff that happens in the lot across from my apartment or pics of hidden gems I find on walks, which have been halted temporarily since it’s currently 35 degrees outside.
– Klein Aleardi, Digital Editor

When I got my first Facebook page, I was one of those girls who posted 300 photos a month in an album called “8th Grade!!! XOXO <3.” Sorry to disappoint, but all those photos are now private. Now, I’m terrible at taking influencer-level photos of myself for Instagram, much to the dismay of our digital editor. I’m much more likely to be found ordering clothes through small business DMs, posting Instagram stories of my pup Thatcher, doom-scrolling through Twitter and spending 5 hours a day flipping through TikTok, then sharing them in Slack for the enjoyment of the rest of the SJ Mag team, who often throw it a like just to humor me.
– Elyse Notarianni, Editorial Assistant

Social media has been something I’ve really tried to embrace, even though that can be a challenge. I’ve been using Facebook less and less, and Instagram stories more and more. Just as my Facebook feed was being overrun with political hate, my youngest daughter Marirose casually mentioned that she liked Instagram stories because it was people expressing who they were in a creative way. That was appealing, so that’s where you can find me.
– Marianne Aleardi, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


February 2021
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