One More Thing: Which movie would you like to watch for the first time again?

Watching “Dirty Dancing” for the first time would be like reliving falling in love for the first time. It is one of the greatest movies of all time for so many reasons, but mostly for the chemistry between young Jennifer Grey and the late, great Patrick Swayze.
Eric Schoen, Collingswood

“Flatliners” intrigued me as a teen and would resonate even more if I saw it for the first time now. I loved the concept of a life-after-death experience by choice. And then there’s the thrill of a young Kiefer Sutherland in the starring role.
Ellen Powell, Somerdale

Anyone who can watch “The Sixth Sense” for the first time should do it. I wish I could, and be surprised by the jarring ending all over again.
Nancy Hammill, Cherry Hill

“The American President” was so hopeful, idealistic and smart while being political and personal. It set up the “West Wing” series incredibly well. It would be wonderful to re-discover where it all began.
Ben Ovadia, Cherry Hill

I wish I could see “Remember the Titans” for the first time. There’s so much that’s great: the history, the friendships, the joys of winning and the pain of loss. I love just everything about that movie.
Rachel Lippoff, Cherry Hill

Now that I am single again, “When Harry Met Sally” is my guide. The idea that there is nothing stopping Harry and Sally from becoming a couple except their own fears and hang-ups is a lesson I keep failing to learn. Every time I watch it, I see something new.
Jane Harris, Medford

The reason I would want a chance to see all 7 Harry Potter movies for the first time is because I saw them before I read the books. If I had reversed the order, I would have enjoyed the movies even more than I did.
Tyler Simms, Moorestown

Even when I was 10 and saw “The Empire Strikes Back” during its original release, I knew there was something spectacular about this film. At least I have the wonderful opportunity to be with my children when they see it for the first time. Sharing in their awe and wonder is an even greater joy than my personal childhood experiences.
Tom Tracy, Gloucester Twp.

“Marty” is a classic that just pulls at my heart strings. It’s so rich with the nuance of 2 lonely people from humble backgrounds getting to know each other. Every time I watch it, I feel like I’m transported to my parents’ New York, with great scenes of the Bronx and Manhattan in the 1950s.
Alison Bert, Belmar

How great would it be to see “The Shawshank Redemption” for the first time? I’m sure it would hit me the same way. It’s such a powerful story about the will to find purpose and survive even in the worst circumstances – like going to prison for a murder you didn’t commit. One line that sticks with me: “Get busy living or get busy dying.”
Sue Ferryman, Washington Twp. 

“The Butterfly Effect” is the one movie I would love as a redo. It’s a cool supernatural plot about how a personal journal could change the future, and stars Ashton Kutcher. What more could a movie have?
Destiny James, Voorhees

“Avatar” blew me away when I saw it in the movie theater years ago. The immersive 3-D was breathtaking and the story merited such treatment. I would love to see it again for the first time. I’ve held out on seeing “Avatar 2” because there’s no way it could live up to how much I loved the original.
Seth Mason, Merchantville

I can’t even remember life before seeing “Groundhog Day.” Just thinking about Bill Murray’s character living the same day over and over again makes me laugh.
Jill Hanover, Marlton

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February 2023
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