One More Thing: What’s your best snow day memory?

I was over eight months pregnant during a massive snowstorm in 1989. With my husband away on business, I called every landscape company listed in the Yellow Pages for someone to shovel. When no one called me back by nightfall, I gave up, fearful that I would be snowed in and alone when the big moment arrived. But then, sometime after dark, a landscaper pulled up to plow the driveway. I waited for the person to come to the door to collect money but that never happened. Whoever plowed left without asking for a dime, and I never found out who that was. It’s a tribute to all the good people paying it forward.

Teri Nover, Cherry Hill

On a snow day last year, I sent our sons Ben, 9, and Adam,6, out to shovel. Peeking out the window to check their progress, I discovered not much progress at all. Shovels were ditched and Ben was chasing poor Adam around the driveway. When Ben caught up with Adam, he smashed a snowball into his younger brother’s face. But then Adam got revenge by pushing his older brother face first into the snow. I caught the entire thing on video and shamed them both afterwards.

Jessica Sautter, Cherry Hill

Last winter, we were so excited to take our 1-year-old son Daman out for the first time in the snow. But the moment we put him on the ground, he cried hysterically. There was snot running down his nose, and icy tears stuck to his cold face. His five older sisters thought this was hysterical and started pegging him with snowballs, which made him cry harder. I wanted to put him down to take a picture, but he wouldn’t put his feet on the snow. I have a picture of him crying in the snow on his butt. It’s terrible but so funny.

Kelley Lieberman, Clayton

I miss the days when my son Dylan and I would stage snow wars in the backyard. First, we would build giant boulders out of the snow. Then we would lift the boulders over our heads and drop them on each other, pretending like we were Godzilla or Transformers battling for world dominance. We had a blast.

Bob Pirylis, Magnolia

When my husband and I lived in a condo complex, everyone was caught off guard by 13 inches of snow. That included the management company, which was supposed to plow and shovel, but didn’t. So we residents were on our own. We probably had two shovels altogether so people were using anything they could find to dig out: brooms, buckets, frying pans. One guy from Ireland attacked the packed snow with a curling stick. We had a blast helping each other dig out. And there were rounds of hot chocolate to keep us going.

Cheryl Hanover, Cherry Hill

When I was 11, three of my friends and I had an epic snowball fight in my neighborhood. It got really intense. No one would give up so we just kept pegging each other for so long. We were all wet, in pain and really cold – but it was awesome.

Aaron Beltra, Cherry Hill

We thought our son Brody would instantly love playing in the snow for the first time, but we were so wrong. It took so much time and work to bundle him up, but when we finally got him outside and situated onto the sled, he was instantly miserable. As we pulled the sled through unplowed streets, Brody cried the whole time. All you could see of him was his little, wet face peeking out of the big puffy snowsuit and his hands gripping on the sled for dear life.

Arsinoe Shook, Voorhees

When I was a kid, after my mom would bundle me up and put newspaper in my boots, my dad would take my sister and I sledding. We had one of those hand-me-down Red Flyer sleds with the wooden slats and metal rails. He would walk us approximately a half mile over to the newly built on-ramp of the Betsy Ross Bridge. It felt like we were there for hours, but I’m sure it was more like 20-30 minutes. Afterward, he would plop my sister and I back on the sled and trudge us home for hot chocolate that my mom had ready for us.

Brian Adler, Mount Laurel

In college, sledding meant “borrowing” cafeteria trays and sledding down big, dirty snow piles left by the snow plows. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

Mike Staff, Marlton

February 2019
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