One More Thing: What did you learn this year?

I learned that if you tap an egg, breaking the membrane before breaking the egg, it cracks open with no muss, no fuss. Who knew!
Susanne Dennis
Medford Lakes

As a business owner, working parent of teenagers, soccer mom and perfectionist, I always want everything I do to be perfect and that is just not reasonable with a busy schedule. This year I realized that “Done is better than Perfect!” The laundry doesn’t have to look like a Pottery Barn catalogue, it just needs to be done.
Kathy Baumgardner
Cherry Hill

I’ve learned we are all conjunctions in each other’s stories. We are all connected.
Brian Kulak
Haddon Twp.

Road-tripping solo is the best way to see everything on your bucket list.
Arlene Adair
Cherry Hill

I learned how to play pickleball, and I am totally hooked. I love playing!
Dawn Hoover

I finally learned Excel. It’s so helpful once you actually know all it can do (and how to make it do all those things).
Geno Lyiani

There are a lot of people you shouldn’t trust. I learned that the hard way, which was really painful. But I’m glad I did. I think it’s going to help me moving forward.
Eddie M.

I learned new math helping my 7-year-old granddaughter with homework. It is more complicated than high school Algebra!
LouAnn Pajdak
Cherry Hill

I’ve learned to stop and listen to the advice of my inner voice. It hasn’t failed me yet.
Laura Jenkins

I learned how to fold a fitted sheet. It’s so hard, and still takes me several times every time I do it. But I CAN do it, eventually.
Ruth Abrams
Cape May

I learned a few things this year: Life goes by so fast, enjoy every second. And don’t delay traveling. I finally ventured to Europe for the first time, and it was exquisite. I am so mad I waited so long to do it.
Andrea Lurie
Cherry Hill

I realized I turned out to be more like my parents than I ever imagined I would – and I’m extremely fortunate because of it.
Denise Soto

I’ve learned to be more comfortable with myself even though this world is getting to be more uncomfortable to be in.
Laura Becker
Cherry Hill

Karma is real.
Pascha M.

I learned that 410 stainless screws stick to a magnetic nutdriver.
Bob Griffin
Egg Harbor Twp. 

I learned that you can pour coffee into an ice cube tray, place it in the freezer, and then use those ice cubes when you make iced coffee so your drink doesn’t get watered down. My life has been changed forever.
Amanda Trycozkis
Mullica Hill

December 2023
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