Page Review 2023
Another year, another look at our favorite stories from 2023

Celebrity Covers

Carli Lloyd | January
By Kate Morgan

B.J. Novak | March
By Jayne Jacova Feld

Taylor Swift | May
By Kate Morgan

M. Night Shyamalan | June
By Jayne Jacova Feld

We love it when we can publish a fun story about a national celebrity who has some South Jersey connection. Some we’ve covered many times – like Delran’s Carli Lloyd – and some it’s a first-time surprise, like filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan, who chose the Pine Barrens for his movie. But every time, the story is interesting and the celeb is warm and wonderful.







The Goal is to Become a Gardener with Marianne Aleardi & Toni Farmer

Backyard Chickens | April

Your Garden’s Secret Weapon | May
By Klein Aleardi

Our special Facebook series, “The Goal is to Become a Gardener,” now has a loyal audience who happily engages with us on Facebook and Instagram (our episodes average 58,000 views). So we shared some wisdom from SJ Mag Media’s gardening expert Toni Farmer in these 2 Q&As.


Ready to garden with us? Catch all 4 seasons of “The Goal is to Become a Gardener” on


Kathleen 2.0 | May
By Elyse Notarianni

Kathleen Mininno has been featured in SJ Magazine before – she participated in our breast cancer roundtable as a patient in 2018. This year we spoke with Kathleen again, as she re-creates who she is, as a survivor.


Wade’s Salvage | August
By Jayne Jacova Feld

One of the things that came up in our June cover story about the large number of movies made in South Jersey was a junkyard in Atco that supplied props to the studios. And oh my, this junkyard could be a movie all on its own – actually, make that a reality show. We’ve never seen anything like it.


How Camden Wins | April
By Jayne Jacova Feld

We’ve been covering Camden for decades, noting the incredible progress and change all along the way. This year, we spoke with Mayor Vic Carstarphen about even more good things happening in the city. (There’s a lot.)


The Journalist & the Goat Doctor | June
By Kate Morgan

When you work for SJ Magazine and you happen to be listening to a podcast that you are 100% enthralled with… and you then find out the person responsible for the podcast is from South Jersey, well let’s just say that’s a very, very good day. (And this story was even better.) .

The Oyster Renaissance | September
By Kate Morgan

It’s a hidden roadside gem in Newfield, and once we heard Chef Melissa McGrath had been nominated for a James Beard Award, we knew it was worth a deep dive. The interesting journey of Sweet Amalia Oyster Farm was intriguing and surprising to us all. 

By Sydney Kerelo

This was news to us at SJ Mag Media, but apparently lots of people hate Barney. Haddon Heights filmmaker Tommy Avallone documented the history of hate toward the purple dinosaur and enlightened us all on one crazy tale.

Accidental Activist | February
By Brenda Lange

SJ Magazine has dedicated a good amount of coverage to the opioid crisis and South Jersey’s efforts to combat it. This profile on Westampton’s Ed Bisch tells the story of a father’s fight against Purdue Pharma, who he blames for the death of his 18-year-old son.

LIFE AT 90 | September
By Marianne Aleardi

A lot of people have messaged us saying this Q&A between Marianne Aleardi & her 90-year-old mother really hit home. Some have lost their mom and wished they had asked these questions. Others were inspired to now have a heart-to-heart talk with their moms.

The Holocaust & Hope | January
By Felicia Niven

When we found out a Holocaust survivor and a former U.S. soldier who helped liberate a German concentration camp were going to meet, we knew we had to share the story. The soldier, South Jersey’s Tim Kiniry, now 101, spoke with Steven Fenves, now 91. Their story is filled with pain, history and gratitude.


December 2023
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