One More Thing: If you could be an expert at one thing, what would it be?

I would like to be a fluent lip reader. That would work to my advantage in many
situations – but not so much during the pandemic.
Chelsea Slotz, Berlin

Makeup. No matter how many YouTube videos I watch, I never end up looking like the beauty bloggers. It’s so much more of an art than most people realize.
Jen Marren, Atlantic City

I wish I was skilled at taking my own advice. I’m great at giving it out to others but I should listen to my own sometimes.
Carl Hahn, Blackwood

Fixing things. Do you know how much money I’d save if I just knew how to tighten a loose screw or even figure out that a loose screw is the problem?
Jake Hentz, Mt. Laurel

Gardening! I love plants, but I always kill them. Every plant needs different things to keep it alive, and there’s so much that can go wrong. It’s so overwhelming, and I wish I was one of those people who intuitively knew what to do.
Katherine Wright, Cherry Hill

I wish I were an amazing singer. I don’t want to be famous or a contestant on “The Voice.” I just want to surprise everyone by belting out a song that everyone loves in the car or at karaoke. Sadly, I can’t carry a tune. I won’t even sing in the shower.
Cam Jones, Marlton

Surfing. What’s cooler than ridin’ a wave.
Joe Tramon, Medford

I would like to be incredibly skilled at anything in the medical field but I literally faint at the sight of blood and needles.
Karen Shipley, Mt. Holly

I wish I was better at interior decorating. I love a well-designed room and I think I have good taste, but for some reason I can’t figure out how to put it all together. I spend so many hours in home stores second-guessing everything – it’s not a pretty sight.
Joanna Donahue, Moorestown

If I had the talent, time and drive, I would want to be a violinist. I like orchestra music and get chills when I hear the strings play.
Maddie Portnoy, Voorhees

I want to be a really cool mixologist. Everyone likes the person who can toss
the martini glass, spin the shaker and then, of course, make the perfect drink.
Jillian Curizzo, Vineland

Investing money. I don’t understand the stock market and shopping on Amazon is too easy.
Craig Monparnasse, Merchantville

December 2020
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