Whether you’re trying to keep the kids entertained, have run out of puzzles or are just looking for a distraction, we’ll be bringing you three ways (EVERY DAY!) to pass the time while you stay home.


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Dig Into Your Past



Build a Terrarium

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Looking for some fun and engaging activities to do with your kids at home for the next few weeks? Camp Creek Run is here to help with our Backyard Science series, so you can study the natural sciences close to home. Our first activity is a Terrarium How To. We just did this activity with our EcoKids Nature Preschool, but you can modify it with advanced concepts for any grade. Making a terrarium is easy to do with materials you have at home and right in your own backyard. Since a terrarium is a closed system, it’s also a great way to study the water cycle, including the concepts of precipitation, transpiration, condensation, and evaporation. Just grab a container with a lid, add a gravel layer, some soil, tiny plants from your lawn, and moss if you have it. Decorate with stones or shells, add water, and close the lid. Bring it inside and place in indirect light, and watch the water cycle happen as water condenses on the lid, drips down the side and waters the plants, then condenses on the lid again due to plant transpiration and evaporation. (We didn’t add carbon because it’s not something you’d typically have on hand, but if you have some you can add it after the gravel layer.)

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April 25, 2020
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