Inspirational Quotes From Inspirational Women (Part 2)

“Go out there, be who you are – be true to yourself and be the best that you can be”.

Sharon Hammel, SVP Chief Retail Officer at Republic Bank – 2018 Women’s Roundtable


“I talk to young women who don’t know what direction to go into – and urge them to go to law school, or some other higher education beyond the undergraduate degree… It will help to build your confidence and it will give you this little edge when you go in for any job.”

Carol Ann Short, CEO at New Jersey Builders Association – 2018 Women’s Round Table


“What I always say to young people when I speak to them, is that you have to think of failure as a partner – it can’t be something that you’re frightened of… You have to make the choice: If and when I fail, how will I behave… What can I do differently?

Monica Malpass, News Anchor at WPVI-TV – 2018 Women’s Round Table



“When people automatically think that you’re one way – that you’re going to be meek – that you’re not going to speak your mind – it kind of gives me that extra edge… I’m going to prove you wrong, I don’t care what you think about me.”

Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins, Brand Strategist, Author, and Speaker – 2018 Women’s Round Table



“Follow your passion, whatever your passions are in life, follow them… and don’t think that anything in life is a straight road. They’re not straight roads, they’re roads with lots of curves – and sometimes the ones that aren’t right in front of you are the best roads to take.”

Ginny Mario, President of Girl Scouts of America – 2017 Women’s Round Table



“I failed the bar exam three-times… but I didn’t give up and it made me determined that much more. Had I given up, that would have been the failure, the continued drive that I had, that’s the success.”

Dawn Kaplan, Attorney and Owner at Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith – 2017 Women’s Round Table 

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