Dress fittings, mailing invitations, table settings – what’s a bride to do? (And when is she supposed to find time to hit the gym?) It becomes a struggle to squeeze in personal time for yourself when planning a wedding. Counter the cake tastings with one of these quick workout videos.

1. Body Strength Workout

Time: 10 minutes
Just starting out your fitness routine to get in tip-top wedding shape? Begin with this quick, low-intensity video from certified personal trainer Jessica Smith. The movement builds core body strength with simple movements, and all you need is a chair – so you can work out while watching TV (or in between wedding appointments).

2. Rainbow Butt Song Challenge

Time: 5 minutes
Sounds weird, right? But the Rainbow Butt Song Challenge is as cool and high-energy as Cassey Ho, the instructor behind the hugely popular YouTube channel Blogilates (she has more than three million followers). Grab a yoga mat and your favorite upbeat song for this quick, less-than-five-minute workout.

3. Butt and Legs Workout

Time: 10 minutes
Kick your workout regimen up to the next level with these quick, intense movements that target the lower body, especially the quadriceps and glutes. We warn you now – you’ll feel it the next day, so make sure you have plenty of time before the wedding before trying this one.

4. Total Body Vinyasa Yoga

Time: 15 minutes
Slow down and de-stress with this guided yoga video from lifestyle blogger and yoga instructor Candace of Yoga By Candace. Yogis at any level can move through these poses as a stand-alone session, or add it to the end of an intense workout to help you stretch out.

5. No Equipment Upper Body Workout

Time: 10 minutes
Challenge yourself to a guided, timed upper-body workout from Fitness Blender that you can do anywhere – no equipment needed. Fitness Blender videos also include a helpful calorie-counter, so you have an idea of the range of calories you’re burning as you move through the routine.

6. Ultimate Cardio Pilates Workout

Time: 30 minutes
If you have a little extra time on your hands and are craving activity, follow this Pilates workout led by Lisa Corsello, founder of the hybrid-workout gym Burn SF. The session combines cardio and strength training with Pilates in a total-body workout.

And don’t miss these workout videos from local trainers!

7. Cha Cha Slide Plank

Time: 4 minutes
You know when “Cha Cha Slide” comes on at your wedding that you won’t be able to keep from dancing – so you might as well work out to it too. Dan Baldwin of Berlin is the one who came up with the catchy dance workout. The routine was even featured on 6ABC’s Action News.

8. Perfecting Your Squat

Time: 5 minutes
Doing a set of squats after dinner or while watching TV is a perfect way to get quick, powerful exercise in – as long as you’re doing them correctly. Katz JCC Fitness Director Gene Bonetti shows you the proper way to squat so that you’re getting the most out of your workout – without hurting yourself.

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