7 ways to make friends as an adult

Is anyone else down to like 2 friends total? (And is one of them your dog?) If so, you’re not alone. Whether you’ve recently moved to a new town or are realizing most of your social circle has moved away, the idea of making new friends as an adult can feel daunting. So we’ve got some tips – that aren’t BumbleBFF – to help you find new friends. 

Disclaimer: this list requires talking to people in the wild, so if you’re not a fan, we recommend bringing that one other friend for moral support. 

Find a dog park

We know we implied having your dog as one of your 2 friends was a bad thing, but this could actually work to your advantage. Your four-legged best friend also has friends – and they have humans. Start up a conversation with someone at the dog park next time you take a trip with Fido. And the best part, these friendships usually involve puppy play dates! 

Attend networking events

We’re killing 2 birds with one business-card-shaped stone here. Imagine making connections to help your career and also making new friends. Just because someone’s not in your industry doesn’t mean you won’t get along. Keep an eye out to connect with people who you have common interests with! 


Again, 2 birds, one stone. Giving back to your community is always a good move, and it can be a good way to connect with people who share your altruistic passions as well. Next time you sign up for a shift sorting food or helping at the animal shelter, look around and strike up a conversation with your fellow volunteers. 

Take an art class

Whether you’re an artist or not, getting in touch with your creative side can be a whole lot of fun. It can also introduce you to people who you can have even more fun with. Not sure where to start? Check out classes at orgs like Perkins Center for the Arts and Grounds For Sculpture

Join a running group

This one is to bookmark for when the temps get a little warmer. If you’re a fan of running (we aren’t judging), why not find some people who share your interest? All around South Jersey, running groups organize public training runs where you can connect with fellow running fanatics.   

Say hi to your neighbors

There’s this old thing that used to happen where if people ran out of sugar, they would pop next door and ask their neighbor for some. If you’re feeling bold, drop by your neighbor’s home with a small gift, like a little candle or a cookie – you can say you had extra – and introduce yourself. Or start slow. When you pass them while taking out the trash, say hi. Then say hi again. And over time, your relationship will grow. 

Send that Instagram message

It may not feel like it anymore with the overload of ads and influencer content in your feeds, but social media really is the perfect place for connection. If you follow someone who you think looks cool or fun, interact with them online. Reply to their story, comment on your post, send some positivity their way. Remember, don’t be creepy – if they don’t reciprocate after a bit, call it a day. But if you put yourself out there, you might be surprised by the great connections you can make online. 

February 2024
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