Gritty Asks (Expects) Gifts for National Gritty Day

It’s officially been a year since we were introduced to the Flyer’s lovable – if not shocking – mascot. And Gritty is expecting gifts.

Gritty celebrated the big day with a note to fans asking for (well, demanding) birthday gifts. Instead of including a wishlist, Gritty offered a list of items “I already have that I DO NOT want duplicated.” That includes dress Crocs, credit card debt, multiple VZW ringback tones and swimmers ear, among other priceless possessions.



Now, we wait to see if fans deliver. (Gifts are to be sent to the Wells Fargo Center to Gritty’s attention.) Some fans are already throwing around ideas on Twitter.


The Practical…


The Genius…


The Truly Philly…



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