Five Tee-Time Tips From South Jersey’s Golf Pros

Can’t keep the ball on the fairway? Keep missing that easy putt? Next time you hit the green, make sure you remember these words of wisdom from South Jersey golf pros.


How to Get Fit for Clubs

Getting fit for a set of clubs does help your golf game, but it doesn’t help as much as the average golfer may think. The question becomes: Do you want to get fitted for your faults in the golf swing, or do you want to get fitted for how you should swing the golf club? This is why getting a few golf lessons and then working with the golf instructor to help best fit you is a far better solution then just going and spending a lot of money on clubs that are fit to your faults.  – Steve Sieracki, director of instruction, Indian Spring Golf Course


Putting Practice Makes Perfect

Practice. Most golfers spend 80 to 90 percent of their practice time on the range making full swings; however, almost 50 percent of your actual score is determined by how well you putt. A great drill is the “3-5-7” putting drill. Find a straight putt and mark three distances; 3 feet, 5 feet and 7 feet. The goal is simple, hole nine putts in a row, three from each distance, starting at the 3-foot mark. The catch is that if you miss any of the putts, you have to restart. Once you are able to master this drill, you will become automatic inside 7 feet.  – Kevin Duffy, PGA head golf professional, The Riverton Country Club


Four Steps to Putting Perfection

When setting your ball down on the green, be sure to use the logo or line on the side of your golf ball to aim at the line you want your ball to roll on. Once you do this simple step, all you need to focus on is speed. You should take three to four practice strokes with your eyes on the hole in an effort to feel the stroke needed to sink your putt. Now you just need to step up to your ball, be confident in your aim and speed, and putts will begin to drop.  – Bill McCoy, PGA director of golf, Ramblewood Country Club


Don’t Drive Out of Your Shoes

Most would like to hit 300 yards on the drive, but you’re better off just getting the ball on the fairway. Alignment is key. Don’t swing out of your shoes and hit it as hard as you can – you want to swing with tempo and let the club do the work.  – John DiMarco, PGA head golf professional, Laurel Creek Country Club


Train Off The Green

I think yoga, Pilates and stretching are great for your golf swing. Knowing your flexibility strengths and weaknesses is key for improving your swing.  – Cheri Cottelli, Class A LPGA teaching and club professional, Hamilton Trails Golf Club

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