One More Thing: What’s Something a Teacher Said That Stuck With You?

I had a political science professor at community college whose mantra was, “The masses are asses.” He was not wrong.
Alicia Jacobson, Long Port

I had a history teacher in college who, when asked if something was going to be on the test, would respond: “Dare me to ask you anything on that test.” His lesson was to be prepared for as much as you reasonably can, and it still rings true.
Mike Kahn, Berlin

When I asked my high school calculus teacher what good it did to know how to solve the super-hard equations on the board, he said they were useful in higher forms of engineering – which confirmed for me that I was in the wrong place and needed to go to college for journalism.
Kim Kavin, Westmont

My high school earth science teacher told me it was possible to be a scientist and also spiritual, which I had assumed until then were mutually exclusive.
Cindy Federman, Voorhees

A wonderful teacher at Cherry Hill East told me to never let any of life’s challenges get in my way.
Gabby Hanover, Cherry Hill

During junior year of high school, my former English teacher asked to see me privately where she expressed concern that I was dropping so much weight so quickly. I don’t remember how I responded but I’m sure it was awkward. Still, it woke me up to the realization that I had an eating disorder, and I got help. I’m forever grateful that she cared enough to have that uncomfortable conversation.
Deandra T., Medford

Sister Josephine, my 11th grade Spanish teacher, said there would be so many times in our lives when Spanish would come in handy. Since I knew everything back then, I didn’t take her seriously. Of course her words have echoed in my ear all those times when being fluent in Spanish would have helped me out – in Spain, in Mexico, at restaurants and with people I worked with. Now that I’m retired, I’m studying Spanish and much more serious about it.
Anita Balabon, Marlton

I went to an all-girls high school and possibly the greatest thing I ever heard a teacher say was in my senior year history class. I don’t know how this came up, but we were talking about boyfriends and my teacher said, “As you get older, you’ll be looking for the person you’re going to marry. Don’t settle for just anyone. Wait to find the right person.” What a great lesson.
Tricia Leonard, Mullica Hill

My 10th grade English teacher told me I was a bad writer. I believed her for at least a decade. Then I realized maybe the issue was she was a bad teacher. She may have had a point about needing improvement, but her way of saying it was sorely lacking.
Julie Birnbaum, Cherry Hill

My second-grade teacher said that a love of reading is something that could bring me joy and comfort my entire life. She was right.
Julie Ketover, Voorhees

I had a professor tell me to never use the word “nice” when I wrote. She said it was too generic and there were so many better adjectives available to use. I always opt for the most descriptive and powerful words when writing, thanks to her.
Suzette Shephard, Stratford

My Biology professor in college would lock the door at the start of class. If you were late, you couldn’t get in. And he actually didn’t let people in. It was a very effective lesson on the importance of being on time.
Ted Rumerfeld, Edgewater Park

My 7th grade Language Arts teacher called me out for my penmanship. “Your handwriting is atrocious,” she said. “Meet with me after school so we can work on it.” She taught me the value of working on personal goals.
Carol Pletcher, Cherry Hill

September 2022
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