Mark Alibrando

Twins Giuliana and Nathaniel, 9 weeks
The first set of twins born at the new Virtua Voorhees

“He’s adjusting to fatherhood. He values sleep, so that’s been difficult. He’s definitely a hands-on dad. He has to be, he doesn’t have a choice.”  – Mom Andrea










Mario DiNatale

Deputy Mayor, Voorhees
Co-founder, Alicia Rose “Victorious” Foundation

Sebastion, 23
Gabriel, 20
Sketch of Alicia Rose, 1985-2002

“My dad paid for my college education, so I am forever in his debt. He also buys Honey Nut Cheerios for us!”  – Sebastion

“My dad has overcome incredible tragedy, gone through such adversity, and yet he has been able to make such a positive impact. I’m inspired by his tremendous strength.”  – Gabriel






John McCormick

Griffin, 14; Jack, 12; Jaimie, 10; Bridget, 9; Katie, 7; Kerry, 6; Michael, 4; Casey, 2

“He knows when to be nice and when to discipline. He probably learned that from his parents. From what he tells us, they were pretty strict.”  – Griffin

“We play baseball in the backyard. I run around the bases, but he can’t get me out ‘cause I have my fast shoes on.”  – Michael

“He likes to dance whenever music is on, mostly when he’s with us.”  – Jaimie





Todd Dipopolo
Stay-at-home dad

Spencer, 6 months

“He gave up his career – what he loves to do – to stay home with Spencer. That’s a big sacrifice, and I’m really thankful for that.”  – Mom Julie










N.J. State Assemblyman Lou Greenwald

Lauren, 13; Jenna, 10; Eric, 10

“He motivates me to do my best. He always tells me I can do anything.”  – Lauren

“He likes my hair long. I like it a little shorter.”  – Jenna

“I like when we have a catch or watch the Phillies. He tells me what to remember when I play: Stay close to the plate when you’re batting. When you’re pitching, focus on the glove. Always keep a cool head.”  – Eric



MauryMaury Z. Levy
Columnist, SJ Magazine

Paul, 42; Scott, 39; Dan, 33

“Being the son who followed in his father’s career footsteps, I’m amazed at how enormous those footsteps actually are.” – Dan

“Most dads tell their kids to do their homework. My dad told me to help him write video game reviews for Playboy Magazine when he was an editor there. Now that’s a childhood!”  – Paul

“We took one special father-son trip to the Midwest where we watched the Phils take on the Cubs, the White Sox play the Orioles and we saw Ken Griffey, Jr. hit a bomb against the Brewers. We drove for hours through Wisconsin where it seemed all they sold was cheese and fireworks. It is a memory I will always have and hopefully relive with my kids.”  – Scott



Runyan-SJ-532U.S. Congressman Jon Runyan (R-3)

Jon Daniel, 13; Alyssa, 11; Bella, 9

“My dad’s ticklish on his feet, so I love to tickle him.”  – Bella

“He has good reflexes. When I try to scare him, he knows I’m coming and he pushes me away, even when he’s sleeping. I don’t know how he knows.”  – Alyssa

“No matter how hard I try, I can’t beat him in basketball. But we keep playing, ‘cause I want to beat him…so bad.”  – Jon Daniel









John Aloisio

J.R., 10 days old

“He says as soon as J.R. starts walking, he’s gonna take him on the golf course.”  – Mom Jennifer









Ian LaPierre

Philadelphia Flyer

Zachary, 7
Tristan, 9

“He lets us have soda – my mom doesn’t.”  –Tristan

“I give him nice cards that I make. They say ‘Daddy.’ He likes that.” – Zach






Rick Williams
Co-anchor, 6ABC Action News

Nicholas, 9

“We perform in musicals together in our town. My mom does too. I like that. It brings us together.”  – Nicholas











U.S. Congressman Rob Andrews (D-1)

Jackie, 18
Josie, 16

“I see him on TV or in Washington, and then he comes home, takes off his suit and barbeques in the backyard. He’s not two different people, but it’s nice to be able to see him both ways.”  – Jackie

“He created The Santa Dance – it’s basically the most embarrassing dance. We were waiting for Santa, and he said, ‘If you do this dance, he’ll come.’ We’ve done the dance everywhere – the ocean, Carnegie Hall, Big Ben and quite a few elevators.”  – Josie





Vince Papale

Former Philadelphia Eagle, Inspiration for the Disney movie Invincible

Gabriella, 17
Vinny, 14

“I don’t brag about my dad. My dad doesn’t brag about himself. My mom always says everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time.”  – Vinny

“My dad’s a real emotional guy. He’ll clear his schedule just to be at our games. He always wants to support us. That’s never changed. It never will – ever.”  – Gabriella








Staff Sergeant Charles Hinman
Will be deployed to Afghanistan in November for one year

Trinity, 3
Adelynn, 6 months

“I like Cinderella. My daddy likes Cinderella, too.”  – Trinity









Joe Aleardi

Klein, 17; Maura, 15; Marirose, 13

“When we were little, we would play ‘sharks’ in the pool. My dad was the shark and he would chase us.  But my dad said Marirose was the baby shark, so he would just hold her – and he would chase us.”  – Klein

“My dad can be very professional and serious, but he can also be goofy and fun. He thinks he’s hilarious.”  – Marirose

“When I was 3, I split open my head. My dad held me while they put staples in my head. They were squirting water on my head the whole time and the water poured onto my dad. But he kept holding me.”  – Maura

September 2011
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