#SalPalSBLII: The Pederson Family is in Minneapolis!

Friday is for friends and family at the Super Bowl. And Doug Pederson’s Family was one of the first to arrive.

I caught up with Doug’s brother David and sister Cathy hanging out with Doug’s Mom, Teri who they all call “Mama Bird.”

Mama Bird, clutching a cup of coffee, said to me: “Super Bowl Week is slow. I’m ready to play the game.”

Sounds like her son.

Doug’s father Gordon died in September 2016, just days before Doug coached his first Eagles regular season game.

“My Dad was my football coach and he always told me to be myself and be aggressive,” Doug told me.

Expect the Birds to come out firing on Sunday against the Patriots.

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Doug’s brother David, Terri “Mama Bird” Pederson, Sal Paolantonio and Doug’s sister Cathy.




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